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+12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make

Every day, we get to see new things coming to light in the world of fashion, inventions, technology, and almost everything else. It can get a bit confusing sometimes, for it is not easy to cope with all the constant evolution of everything. However, despite all the confusion, we, women, love it so much because we get to come across new makeup products, new hair products, new fashion trends, and new hairstyles to wear.

Yes, we love to wear hair in attractive and attention-grabbing styles. It makes us feel confident and pretty all at once, and this is what we all want, right? Well, as designers in every industry never fail to stop coming up with new ideas, those hairstyles are no different. They are offering amazing styles for us to try. Besides, we have lots of models and bloggers who are not afraid to experiment new things and bring it to us. This list consists of 12 of the top hairstyles for women to consider wearing. Check it out.

1 A Ponytail Slicked Back

You may think that this is not among the cool hairstyles, but you will realize that your idea about it is wrong as soon as you try it out. The reason it is a trendy style is that it is easy, yet pretty to wear. To have this look, you need to pull your hair to the back and secure it in a simple ponytail. This style brings your face forward, brighten your features and obviously shine out. Reveal your natural beauty and feel confident.

hairstyles slicked back ponytails +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 1

hairstyles Ponytail Slicked Back +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 2

2 Double Buns Incorporated into One

Buns are easy and among the favorite hairstyles of most women out there. It is even more fun when you add a nice twist to a regular looking bun. To have an eccentric look, pull your hair over your head and secure it once with an elastic band. Halfway through your second round, create a big bun-like knot and then twist it in the middle to divide it into two. Your hair will look like a natural bow sitting nicely over your head.

3 Loose Side Braid

Can you imagine that this simple style that you used to do during school days is among the trendy hairstyles now? One amazing thing about the trendy things is that they do not only offer new ideas, but they also revive old ones that seemed to get lost in the horizon. This style works perfectly on days when you are in a hurry yet want to look on fleek. Just braid your hair on one side and secure it at the end, now you are ready to go.

Loose Side Braid hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 3

Loose Side Braid hairstyle 2 +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 4

4 Knotted Low Ponytail

This hairstyle may sound weird when it is said because who wants knots in their hair? We all work so hard to give a wide berth to tangles and unwanted knots, right? Well, you may welcome this knot with joy upon knowing how trendy and cute it looks. Pull your hair at the back of your head and, as if you are making a low bun, get your hair inside your bun and pull it to create a knot. Now, take your hair and let go through your knot over and over.

5 Headbands and a Low Ponytail

Well, some women don’t like their bed-heads, for some reason. Instead of letting it steal away you’re self-confident, do your hair in styles that draw the attention away from it. In fact, we don’t think anyone notices what you believe are your flaws, but do it to elevate your self-esteem. Get a nice headband, or tons of them, and use them over your head while you style your hair in whatever style works best for you. However, we recommend you go for a low ponytail and bangs. But, you can still do your own thing and rock that headband of yours.

Headbands and a Low Ponytail hairstyle valentino spring 2004 hair +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 5

Headbands and a bun hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 6

6 Dutch Braid Bun

Would you love to experiment with something a bit different, but is all trendy? Go for a Dutch braid bun. Yes, buns and braids have been mentioned several times through the list, but we all can’t help but fall in love with them. Besides, it is a great idea to incorporate them together into one hairstyle. Now, divide the front parts of your hair into small sections and braid them into a dutch braid. If you are not sure how to master the Dutch braid, watch a tutorial video to get it right and perfect. After braiding your hair, secure it with an elastic band and put your hair up into a ponytail. One more step left, pull your hair up in a bun so that you combine more than one style in a single session.

Dutch Braid Bun hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 7

Dutch Braid Bun hairstyle 2 +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 8

7 Unravel Your Natural Hair

We have noticed recently that a lot of posts all over the internet encourage women to embrace their natural hair, be it curly, wavy, or straight. It is the new trend now to wear your hair in its natural state. However, this may need extra care from your part to let your hair look its finest. If you are not someone who preach all of those braids and up-dos, go for natural options instead. Know the nature of your hair and then go looking for products that work best with it for ultimate results.

wash and go hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 9

hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 10

8 Ballerina Bun

You know why ballerinas put their hair into a tight bun? Well, it gets the hair out of their faces, it looks cute and trendy, and, most importantly, it works whether your hair is wet or dry. And, not to mention that it is also easy and perfect for days when your hair isn’t at its best, or you’re just in a hurry. You don’t need any more reasons to pull off that ballerina hairstyle and reveal your facial features. Have we mentioned that buns leave your hair amazingly wavy after you take the bun off at the end of the day? Yes, it creates a new hairstyle to wear in the next morning.

Ballerina Bun hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 11

low ballerina bun hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 12

9 Braided Twist

Giving twists to a regular hairstyle is becoming so trendy. Creating a braided twist gives the impression that you spent hours grooming yourself to look as fine as you do. But, in fact, it is easy to pull off and much simpler than it seems. Start with your front hair; braid each side on its own then start incorporating the ends into one braid and your head back. Repeat this step until you get to the end of your hair. Once you finish, put your amazing braid into a bun.

side Braids into bun hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 13

side Braids into bun +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 14

10 Spaced Buns

Buns again and again, but this time they are more than one, and you don’t have to incorporate them into one big bun. You leave each bun on its own. Separate your hair into two equal big sections and braid each of them. Once the braid is done, pull your hair up and put it into a bun. Do the same with each side and we promise you will receive nice comments about that effortlessly nice-looking hairstyle.

braided space buns +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 15

braided space buns hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 16

11 Braided Headband for Long Hair

This style is perfect for women with sleek long hair. You can style in this fun way by taking a section of your hair from one side. Braid the whole section and then put it across your hair as a headband, a hairy one. Do the same on the other side to balance the style and make the braided headband a bit thicker over your head.

12 Half-Up Rope Braids

Have you ever heard of rope braids? In case you don’t, it is a bit different type of braids. You separate your hair equally and twist each section to the end, both of them in the same direction. Once you get all the way down there, start twisting the two sections together in the opposite directions. Easy, isn’t it? Well, now you will add a bit of a twist to create a brand new hairstyle. Take two sections from the front of your hair, each section on each side, and do rope braids. Now take both rope braids and pin them together at the back of your head, securing them with bobby pins. It can’t get any easier, can it? You will have fun looking different and trendy.

Half Up Rope Braids hairstyle +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 17

Half Up Rope Braids and fishtale braid +12 Most Stylish Hairstyles Women Will Love to Make - 18

Hairstyles are a big pool of different choices; however, we brought you the top picks that we believe are going to make their way through this year. Pick up the style that works perfectly with your hair length, texture, and your face shape.

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