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Top 11 Ideas and Tips of Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings

The wedding ring symbolizes the holy bond gathering two persons for the rest of their lives. It is a tradition found in all cities around the globe.

The diamond ring appeared firstly in Austria, then the wedding rings industry has prevailed during the early twentieth century. It is used to be made of precious metals like gold and silver. This historical presence of the wedding ring has inspired the jewelry makers and shops to present the best designs they had like glowing diamond stones that symbolizes love, purity and sincerity.

Take your time before anything:

Buying the wedding ring is not an easy task. You have to take your time to get a good quality and a good shape that matches your taste. we have some tips for you presented by Janet Anastasio in her book “everything about the wedding“.

You can make use of these small tips to help you choose the right ring:
1. Ask your friends and family about the best and famous jewelry shops so that you wouldn’t be cheated it might cost you a little pit more.

2. Organizing your budget: specify the budget with your fiancée before buying the wedding ring. It also helps in selecting what is suitable for your taste and accompany you for the rest of your life.

1-Organizing-your-budget-for-buying-the-wedding-ring-475x356 Top 11 Ideas and Tips of Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings
Organizing your budget for buying the wedding ring

3. Make sure that you have a lease including terms to help you in adjusting the size of the ring to your finger and cleaning the ring for six months free of charge .
4. The right selection: this is the hardest part in the whole process, the client has to notice the thickness of the lower parts of the wedding ring and the quality of the gold.

right-selection-of-wedding-ring-475x351 Top 11 Ideas and Tips of Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings
right selection of wedding ring

5. In case you decided to buy a diamond ring, put in your mind four basic things, clarity, color, shape and the earrings.
6. After choosing the ring negotiate with the seller, some of them puts imaginary prices . the fiancée should make a tour before going to one shop.

negotiate-with-jewelry-seller-475x475 Top 11 Ideas and Tips of Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings
negotiate with jewelry seller

7. Try to make sure that the ring and the shape of the diamond fits your finger. You have to know the indications of each stone.
8. Ask the seller to design your own ring so you will be special from others.
9. Don’t be taken buy the way of displaying the jewelry. It represents 90% from its real value. So it is better to put stones under the microscope to know its real value.
 10. Choose what suits your taste and don’t follow the jewelry fashion because it might not suit your finger.
11. You have used your money and time to select your ring and you don’t want to loose it or destroy it. So don’t clean the ring with soap and chemicals, take it to the jewelry shop to clean it for you.

Cleaning-wedding-ring-475x470 Top 11 Ideas and Tips of Buying Wedding and Engagement Rings
Cleaning wedding ring


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