Top 10 Worst Governments in the World

There are too many problems from which any country may suffer such as the location, poverty, absence of liberty, diseases, low-quality services, bad education, unemployment, inflation, corruption, bad healthcare, lack of justice and other problems that can destroy any country and make it one of the worst places to live in or even to just visit. It is not necessary for a country to remain the same and to be ranked as one of the worst countries in the world because it may make use of the resources that it has if there are any and this can help it to improve different sectors that can ensure an acceptable and comfortable life for its people. To know which countries are ranked as the worst, take a look at the following 10 worst governments in the world.

11. Laos

There are several problems from which it suffers such as poverty as it is ranked as the 44th poorest country in the world, starvation, large number of deaths out of hunger, oppression and above all it is landlocked.

laos Buddha-Park-Laos

10. Democratic Republic of the Congo

It suffers from poverty and destruction that has resulted from genocide and war that the country witnessed for years which makes it difficult to improve the country.


9. Chad

It suffers from starvation and drought as its main source of water which is Lake Chad has unfortunately dried up to leave the country without clean water to drink.


8. The Central African Republic

It is not only this country that is bad for living; other countries that surround it are also ranked among the worst countries in the world. The Central African Republic suffers from the lack of clean water, starvation, disease and civil war that are responsible of its destruction.

The Central African Republic From-the-Agencies-APs-Ben-001

7. Sierra Leone

There are two main problems from which this country suffers and they are war and poverty. The main cause of the problem of war and violence in this country is diamond that creates a crisis which is known as blood diamond crisis.

Sierra Leone

6. Mozambique

The most serious problem from which this country suffers is the problem of diseases. Among the diseases that spread in this country are AIDS and malaria and the country suffers also from the lack of the clean water.


5. Myanmar

It is also known as Burma and it suffers from the absence of human rights, poverty and corrupt government that does not at least help its people in case there is a problem and only cares about collecting money and controlling the country’s resources.

Myanmar WMYQ-myanmar-walking

4. Zimbabwe 

Its major problem that is the main cause of ranking it among the worst countries in the world is the economic failure and it also suffers from poverty, corrupt government and bad leader who is unable to make the right decision to save his country from what is suffers.

Zimbabwe victoria-falls

3. Sudan

It suffers from genocide, disease, starvation, murder and rape which are enough for completely destroying the country and making it one of the worst countries in the world to live in.


2. North Korea 

It suffers from many problems that make it ranked high on the list of the worst countries in the world as in this country you can find starvation and the main cause of this problem is the government that allocates the whole income for building the nuclear arsenal, military infrastructure and hotels leaving its people die out of hunger.

North Korea

1. Somalia 

It is controlled by pirates who are responsible for the several pirate attacks that have recently appeared. The country suffers from economic failure, starvation, poverty, large number of deaths and diseases such as malaria and AIDS that are responsible for increasing the death rate.


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