Top 10 Weirdest Songs in Music History

Songs are just sings, but they are of different types. It is not only the kind of music played in the back, but also the accompanying voice. A song could be a duet or a trio. It is sometimes sang solo as well. We can call a song such types, but not an opera, for example. When there is only just a part of the song that is repeatedly sang by a group of singers, this kind of song is called a choral and it sang by a chorus. Songs made to be sang in public and sometimes with some acting is called performance. Many of the songs called weird are mainly because of their lyrics, the video clip idea or the directing. Some songs have a lot of cliches or silly phrases that are only called songs because they rime. Others enjoyed a jerky director who might gave no time for preparing his location or design. The song or the video clip might not give a good idea to send to audience and hence singers and producers receive their tomatoes. The following songs are all videoed and the problem is mostly in the lyrics, the clip or both. They cover a time span of more than 40 years, from the 1970s till now.

10 Toby Keith’s “Hot Rod Sleigh”

While trying to make a new Santa Christmas song in his album Christmas to Christmas, Keith did bad. The song did not attract people because of the musical instruments used in the recording of the song.

9 Brad Paisley’s “Penguin, James Penguin”

With a different strange Christmas location, the song added a GPS and wireless Internet in the North Pole location. The song tried its best to be serious, but it really looked funny and sarcastic.

8 The Christmas Shoes

Another strange location is chosen by NewSong for their Christmas Shoes. The song was videoed in a department store. The man in the video sees a child buying a new shoes for Christmas and is reminded of his own childhood.

7 Christmas Song

In the video clip, the singer goes in a sleigh ride during the Christmas. The ride starts in the past when she got her first guitar from Santa. After that she appears as an adult where what it seems like a missed verse appears here.

6 Redneck 12 Days of Christmas

This song was a hit for forty consecutive times, though it begins with “somebody done gone to the Walmart.” Though it was released in 1995, it continued to be people’s Christmas favorite choice until 2001.

5 All I want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan

“Instead of turkey, we’ll have mahi-mahi grilled,” is part of this strange song.

4 Leroy the Redneck Reinder

Although it is a Christmas song that targets kids, Leory Redneck Reinder tells a lame story. The Story of Rudolph mentioned in the song does not even fit a kid’s mind, or the Christmas time.

3 Please, Daddy Don’t Get Drunk this Christmas

In the song, John Denver used to be drunk all over his life, the thing that ruins Christmas for everybody in the video clip.

2 I Did It Again

Britney Spears song completely stops so that the guy in the video clip gives her a necklace. It is the one Kate Winslet dropped at the end of movie Titanic!

1 Shaft

Isaac Hayes song Shaft is featuring the backup singers in a more important position than the major singer as they are even telling him to shut up!

The above songs might not seem that weird for you. So if you have some knowledge about more weird songs than these, old or new, so please share it with us below.

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