Top 10 Weirdest Airport in The World

In building an airport, engineers are faced good number of challenges. Bad weather and wind, the roughness of the ground as well as the allowed space are all factors that need smart engineers who love to work their minds up. They have no other option but coming up with the best and safest solutions. The solutions they offer for problems they meet while designing and building could lead to weird or funny airports. The amount of weirdness though depends on how much they are creative! The following is the top ten weirdest airports for the most creative architects. This list goes all around the world, may be you will find your country owning one.

10 Kansai International Airport

The Kansai airport is unique in its chosen location. Over an island in Osaka Japan, the airport is not weird for the Japanese. Having difficulties to find a land to live on, buildings on islands is a commonplace.

9 Gibraltar Airport

The Gibraltar airport is built between Spain and Morocco where the airport runway works both as a road for cars and runway for planes! The Winston Churchill venue is closed when planes land then opened for travelers in their cars.

8 Madeira International Airport

In Portugal, the Madeira airport is not the ordinary type you would use for travelling. It is used for landing heavy apparatus, the one used in planes. The uniqueness of the airport lies in its runway of about 5000 feet. It is considered a risk for even skilful pilots.

7 Don Mueang International Airport

Like any other airport in Thailand or out of it, the Don Mueang airport is a midsize one designed for the service of people from around the world. In the same place of the airport, exactly in the middle ground between two runways, a golf course is beautifully designed!

6 Ice Runway

In Antarctica, the Ice Runway is as its name indicates an icy airstrip. No ways are paved for the people in the plane. So if it happened that you are landing in Antarctica, you’d better prepare a ski in your bag.

5 Congonhas Airport

Just land in the Brazilian Sao Paulo through its Congonhas Airport, and you will find yourself five minutes in front of the malls, shops and houses. This airport was built in the downtown not on purpose. It happened early in 1930s when the area was empty, and was not simply the downtown.

4 Courchevel International Airport

In France, specifically in the French Alps, pilots take the risk of flying over this Alps and then land at Courchevel. A runway of about 1700 feet and a hill in the middle of the strip represent real setback for pilots.

3 Princess Juliana International Airport

In Saint Maarten, pilots have to fly over a beach that close that the plane is seen by everyone very clearly. To land in the Caribbean island pilots have no other way. The people on the beech are not in a dangerous situation except for the sound they hear.

2 Svalbard Airport

In Svalbard of Norway, the engineers were smart enough to use the Norwegian natural resources. The weather conditions may have been against them because of the cruel coldness; the engineers used it on their behalf and built the runway on permafrost lane.

1 Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

In the Saba of Netherlands Antilles, the Juancho airport needs a very skilful pilot to land. The runway is very short, only 1300 foot. It is necessary to be that length because it is built on an island, so not so much land are available.

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