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Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides

Each bride seeks an ultimate aim which is to look her best at the wedding. For today’s ladies, looking beautiful is much more than following strict rules and typical appearance; it is about manifesting themselves through vibrant looks that reflect their personalities and perceptions of beauty. Today, breaking the rules has become the rule; have a look at the bridal fashion and you’ll know what I mean. The result is a fantastic variety of trends from which you would probably find what matches your taste.

Wedding makeup trends by famous artists are about achieving the balance between boldness and subtility. It’s about simplicity and neutral colors combined with bold and shimmery hues. It’s a huge trend that has been dominating for a while which is naturalizing the makeup look and making it profound and self-expressive. Following we present you ten bridal makeup trends for 2020.

1 No-makeup look

Minimal makeup or no-makeup makeup has been a massive trend for years, and it continues to dominate the scene this season. And since Megan Markle shined in her wedding with minimal makeup, its popularity as a bridal trend has grown significantly. The look demands and reflects confidence and freshness. To allow your skin to glow naturally and reduce the makeup presence to the minimum, you need to take extra care of your skin a while before the big day by exfoliating and moisturizing it well. A suitable hairstyle trend for this look is an ultra-loose ponytail. Applying it, your hair will look as fresh and lively as your skin. And to complement this perfect bridal look, add a stellar headband. This hairdo is quite suitable if you are to wear a caped wedding dress or other bridal wear with no vail.

meghan markle hair royal wedding 1527095308 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 1

wedding minimal makeup Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 2

2 Natural-looking contouring

Since the makeup trends of winter 2019 are all about simplicity and neutral colors, statement contouring is displaced aside in favor of a subtly contoured face. With the aim of emphasizing the natural lines of the face, contouring has turned to a light, vibrant addition to your facial makeup. The key is to master sculpting the cheekbones and facial features in a way that looks effortless and natural.

makeup Natural looking contouring Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 3

makeup Natural looking contouring 2 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 4

3 A bold contrast

Now, this look is for the bold brides who are fond of contrasts. It consists of two primary elements, the hairstyle, and eye makeup. To apply it, pair a statement cat-eye with a slicked-back hair. The eye makeup could be employed with various colors of eyeliners. It is a quite edgy look; However, keeping the rest of the makeup quite simple would break some of its boldness and emphasize its elegance.   

makeup couture beauty valentino Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 5

bridal makeup Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 6

4 Subtly-waterline and eyelined eyes

Thin, sharp waterlined eyes form a stellar trend for this season. It could be a part of a breathtaking bridal look. The same sharp and subtle technique has been employed to outline the eyes. The latter gives a bolder look than waterlining. If you prefer to break the edginess a bit, go for unfinished eyelining; it’s also quite trendy. And for extra glamor, add a white eyeshadow, shimmery or matte, to the inner corners of your eyes; it would chase away any signs of tiredness from your eyes.

wedding makeup upper waterlining Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 7
Upper waterlined eyes

makeup Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 8

Kohl Bridal Eye Makeup With Even Tone Eye Shadow 1 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 9

5 The touch of blue

When it comes to colored eye makeup ideas, many ladies cannot resist the charm of the blue. Well, we are glad to tell all the blue lovers that a variety of blue eye makeup is rocking the cold season with its mystery and profound elegance. Eyeliners and mascaras of different blue hues await you to pick up your preference from. From light, cobalt, to dark shades, blues are capable of producing bold as well as dainty looks; it is part of the magic of the trend. Just as a bride, pay attention to the amount of the color you want to add to your makeup. After all, it is a wedding makeup; you don’t want to end up with quite dark makeup. The secret is to achieve a balance between the light and dark shades.

makeup blue eyeliner Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 10

wedding makeup blue mascara Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 11

wedding makeup blue eyeliner and mascara 3 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 12

6 Red lips and pink & purple eye makeup

The colorful makeup set smartly combines the classic, timeless red lips with an unusual touch. Surprisingly, the mix looks subtle, harmonious, and illuminating enough for a striking bridal look, especially when paired with a glamorous retro hairstyle. 

Regarding the red shades, bold crimson red is rocking the season after dominating the runways. However, keep the rest of your makeup quite simple and let the charm and elegance of the red lips manifest clearly with no makeup noise around it.

makeup couture fashion week beauty ralph e russo Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 13

makeup beauty center plump lips Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 14

7 Sorbet gloss

However the minimal makeup is based on the lips, not all the ladies prefer statement colored lips. The sobert gloss trend is here for those who like shimmering pastel lips. It creates a fresh, breezy look. To apply it go for peach and rose hues; they are quite trendy. You could pair it with a statement eye makeup or keep the whole makeup simple. Another idea is to combine the glossy lips with simple glossy eye makeup. It’s up to your preferences.

pastel gloss lips 1 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 15

makeup peach gloss lips 2 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 16

8 A touch of glitter

Glitter has gained popularity and presence as a makeup trend for the past few years. The glittering looks have ranged from statement glittering lips to simple touches on the forehead and hair. The later is more suitable for a stunning bridal appearance. Pair the shiny look with a simple lip and eye makeup.  

wedding makeup glittering forehead and hair MalorieShmyr Preen aw Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 17

makeup glittering hair Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 18

makeup glittering lips gigi hadid 11 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 19

9 Foiled eye makeup

To apply the look, you need high shimmering eyeshadows of silver, gold, brown or other hues. There are more than a way to wear this eye makeup, but we recommend that you stick to a simple application rather than a statement look, for its more blendable into a bridal makeup look. A metallic touch with no exaggeration is a good choice to consider if you are into bold makeup.

wedding makeup blue eyeshadow Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 20

wedding makeup glitter Refeature Daytime Holiday Look Hero mudc 112118 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 21

10 More natural-looking brows

The more natural-looking and even brushed up brows form a significant beauty trend that has been gradually rising. The different applications of the trend vary in its degrees of boldness. As a bride, you don’t have to go for extra textured brows unless you are used to the look. Just don’t opt for painted or overshaped brows; allow them to appear more natural. They would add a lot of freshness to your look.

princess eugenie wedding beauty e1546850806236 Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 22

natural makeup textured brows Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 23

makeup trends Top 10 Wedding Makeup Trends for Brides - 24

These were some of the makeup trends that are expected to rock 2019. We hope that you found among them what inspires you. Always keep achieving profound balanced makeup as a target in your mind while you are exploring the various options and trends. And when it comes to self-expression, no rules matter. Good luck to all the brides out there!

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