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Top 10 Wedding Makeup Ideas for 2018 Brides

Weddings are unique events that should be planned for keenly. As the bride of the day, you have to look glamorous and catch everyone’s attention. Fake or poor makeup can really be a mess, and no one would love to have the worse wedding of the year. During your wedding day, it is advisable to hire a beautician who will be there for you all the day making sure that your beauty is maintained.

Do not be the talk of the day because of poorly worn makeup; instead, be the talk of the day due to the glamorous look displayed on your face. Due to the new trends coming up, there are so many different ways that can rock your appearance and give you an outstanding look. Following are ten of the best wedding makeup trends and ideas for 2018 brides.

1 No makeup makeup

This has been one of the most trending makeup style done by so many brides. If you want to look simple, beautiful and attractive, this is the perfect way to do it. Let your natural look flow and shine on your wedding day. You don’t have to put up on tonnes of makeup to show that you are beautiful. Today, natural beauty is more appreciated and the most embraced thing. Show your true beauty without faking it at all.

The key is to make sure your skin is clean and well moisturized. You can use a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation to hide those spot or blemishes that have been disturbing you.

2 Strong Brows

This is a come-back makeup which is now trending a lot. For you to achieve the look as the bride of the day, you should make sure that the brows are made the right way. First, fill in the brows gently to get the perfect shape that you desire, then have some powder over it. This enables you to add a dimension that will steal everyone’s attention and enhance your eyes perfectly well. Make it a memorable day by wearing the right eyebrow makeup.

3 Glossy Lips

Do not go with dry lips on your wedding day because it would be a total embarrassment. At the moment, super glossy lips have been on the list of the most trending makeup ideas. It is your wedding and you have to look stellar, make it your day because truthfully it is. Another mistake that many brides make is to choose the wrong gloss.  It is good to consult a professional on how to do it, and what makeup to put on.

4 Romantic blush flush

This is an easy way to make your skin shine and to have that glamorous appearance. This is actually a come-back for the year 2018. If you have an upcoming wedding, don’t be left behind by this makeup style which has been trending even among famous celebrities. For example, Jenna Dewan Tatum is a celebrity who rocks this makeup look. The makeup can also be an everyday routine even after your wedding day, though don’t forget to make a change after some days of doing this makeup.

5 Nude Lips

Nude lips look great with mega lashes and Smokey lashes. To make this happen, get a matte pout with a lip pencil or crayon. Don’t forget to line your lips, after that fill them with the same color to achieve that perfect look.  Every bride wishes for the best wedding day ever. For this to happen as a bride, you must put all the effort required. Great makeup helps the bride express her beauty and show off what she got.

6 Red Lip

Looking forward to adding some flavor to your bridal beauty? Rock that red lip on the wedding day and make a glamorous statement. When you wear such a color do not use any other shouting makeup, keep it neutral. To apply this amazing lipstick perfectly, start with the lip scrub and remove all dry skin. To avoid bleeding and fading of the lipstick, apply a lip primer on the lip to give a perfect base for the lip color. Later, line your lip with a nude pencil that will match your natural lip color. Follow the whole process carefully to have sexy lips on your wedding.

7 Bronze smokey eyes

In this case, you need to apply a light gold eyeshadow as a first layer or the base. This will enable you to achieve black and silver smoky eyes. The shimmery bronze should be deep to the outer part of the eye. Make sure to have your skin balanced with the sparkling eye makeup. This is one of the most worn makeup during weddings, and no disappointments have been encountered after doing it.

8 Pink/rosy cheeks

It is the day of your dreams, and you must look the best. Pink cheeks will give you the look of a bride and make you appear even more beautiful. Rosy pink cheeks have started to trend these days, and a lot of women have known the secret of beauty. This makeup is hotter than you expect. Try it on your big day and expect to shine brighter than ever. In this matter, you will require some help from an expert who will be able to make your cheeks rosy pink and make it last the whole day.

9 Best berry lipstick

Any bride to be is worth the best look ever. Berry lipsticks have been trending lately, and a lot of brides have been rocking it in their wedding day. It is a great color to choose if only it looks good on you. First of all, make sure that it compliments your wedding theme and your skin tone. The Berry lips give the bride a sexy look that makes her appear perfect.

10 Glistening shadow

This is your day and you can rock anything you feel comfortable with as long as it looks good on you. This is a crazy way of making your quest’s attention to be on you all day.  To do it correctly, line your outer corners of the eyes with a black shadow and sweep a glittery layer over the lids up to the brow bones. You can make it better just by being creative.