Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Being fit is a rewarding goal, yet it is not an easy task. It needs daily commitment and continuity over a long period of time. Like any other goal, pushing yourself to the end is all what makes the difference. This could be a bore for some, especially the ones who are not used to putting targets for themselves to work for over years for example. Thus, motivating yourself is very important, and the how-to of it are listed below.

10 Stay Accountable

That is easy said, and in order to do it you need the help of someone to hold you to it. For example, give a valuable possession to one of your friends and ask them not to give it to you till you are back on track.

9 Trace your achievements

Keep a calendar with and write every single achievement you gain for the day. After a while, at any time you are down, just pull your calendar and take a look at the achievements section. This will recharge your momentum again.

8 Defy Boredom

Doing exercises or going to a workout on a daily basis, despite of the many advantages it yields, could be a bore. Once you feel that, this is your usher for trying something new. New kind of exercises you did not before, just experiment with your options!

7 The only reason why

For every one of us aspiring to achieve something, there is always a why behind and a reason to answer it. You too have one thing that puts you in a gym every day and not necessarily getting fit. It could be beating one of your friends, the street you walk in on your way to gym, or your trainer! Look for something serious that inspires you, and if you cannot find it create it.

6 There is no Godot

You already know that the guys were waiting for Godot got nothing and never will. If you waited for the god of workout to instill the love of it in you, then you will die unfit. Love may not happen, but fitness and good health definitely will.

5 Grit

Like any other goal, there is always a difficulty that will face you and you may take aback. All you need to do is to grit. Feeling like you are giving up on it, try every option out first. There may be something left that may help you go on.

4 Splash out

Look for a reward for yourself, and I promise this will keep you on track. Look for good sneakers, sweatshirt or buy yourself an MP3 and have it as a reward. Just help yourself to like it.

3 Remember your resolutions

Remember the first day you got to the workout and the feeling of excitement you had? Try to remember why you made this resolution in first place and try to relive the feelings of excitement.

2 Shift Focus

The major setback that faced every quitter is that they could not see returns for their daily effort. Calm down and be patient, you know that big rewards take time. Put this knowledge into action then. Instead of focusing on the results you are waiting for, busy your mind with the quality of daily exercises and how to make today’s workout better than yesterday.

1 Defy Yourself

Did every time you take it upon yourself to get fit just failed? Will you allow yourself to fail this time too? Remember that our self image forms as a result of our actions; let your actions be heroic this time and improve your self-esteem.

If you have any suggestions that worked with you, we wold be happy if you share it with us below.

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