Top 10 Ways to Make the Best of Your Time

The fast rhythm of modern life is putting extra stress over man or relieving it? The answer is not fixed, as it depends on other variables than the type of life that one group might share. The way we respond to stressors is equally important. The way we manage our time and handle it so that to prevent crises or allowing them to happen. And even if they happened, how you are going to handle them is another important question. It is good to remember that we all share the 24-hour day and that most successful people are the ones who faced the hardest of troubles. So it is about the techniques that we have learned during our journey of life that prepared us to handling our time in different situations, these techniques are the ones that really matters.

10 Transfer

Transfer tasks that are of minor importance to other people who can do it, unless doing it yourself is not a priority. If you are not going to have any benefit from a task that is probably a routine, give it to someone who are able to do it.

9 Social Media

Remember that social media, unless used for work, is one of the big time wasters. Not just that it also affects your mood by not giving you a right image about yourself as it puts you in comparison with others who might not be of the same capabilities.

8 Other Time Wasters

Phone calls and emails are things that waste your time for nothing. If you are activating an instant email features or leaving your phone by your side while you are working, you have to plug everything out. You can assign a time for emails and phone calls instead.

7 Disturbance

Get people acquainted that when you are busy at work you do not respond to disturbances. This could be achieved through passive reactions you do when they start to disturb you or simply by hanging a sign on your door that reads, no disturbance.

6 5 minutes

Take just five minutes before every task to think of the desired results you want to get. Give yourself few minutes to have a mental image of how things will look and another ten minutes to judge the results and see what you will need to fix or do in a next move.

5 Plan

Start everyday with a 30-minute planning habit. Try to schedule for every event that will take place and put everything in perspective. This gives you a feeling of safety and security that back you up during the day.

4 Planned Interruptions

Take some time off of your day to plan interruptions, like people needing your help and even emergencies. You plan it in your schedule along with the other tasks you do.

3 Mental Prioritization

Practice thinking at least 50% of your time of the things that yield biggest benefits to you, of the things that really matters. And that because when you think of something it falls in place on its accord.

2 Schedule Everything

Schedule every appointment and give it a start and end time. Sometimes it goes off road, but still it is very important to have a tangible vision for things will look.

1 Journal

If you desperately need to know how to make a viable schedule, you need to watch yourself for a week while recording everything in a schedule. Every move you take, a conversation you have or a recreational time.

These were some of the simple strategies that you will benefit from in the long run. If you have some other suggestions that you would love to share please add it below.

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