Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Resolutions

Keeping the New Year’s resolutions and achieving your goals is a goal in itself. In order to achieve it you have to be aware of the following setbacks that will come in your way and do their best to prevent you from achieving it:

10 The first hit

The road to success starts with having goals, but this road is paved with adversities. You have to know this before you begin, and get ready to take up the responsibility. Life is going to hit you with a brick from the very beginning. Get ready to overcome it.

9 People are unsupportive

Heading on a new way takes resoluteness and some help. Yet this help should come from you and only you. At the beginning you would turn pathetic at every stab, you will call it, because now you need them and they fail you. When you buck up for a while, you will absolutely realize that this is the right way to do it – to be on your own.

8 You can’t go back

To live up to your resolutions, you will face a series of adversities you have to pass to move on. However, you are stuck, you cannot go back. If you do not move, if you do not overcome this problem; you will be there for the rest of your life. Imagine that you have dumped a demanding bf or resigned your job to start your own project; if things crumpled afterwards, can you go back to the first box?

7 Get it Out of Social Media

Started learning French, feeling excited, and wish me luck. This is your Facebook status for one of your potential resolutions, after which you will hardly reach the end of your goal. You will receive compliments and positive comments but you will not move an inch.

6 Do Not Share It

Do not share your goal with anyone. That’s why you should not write it on Facebook. Why? Your readiness to achieve gets weaker every time you speak it up. The public sharing gives you the fake feeling that you have made it.

5 Drag yourself into it

If you are craving to start your own project, to travel abroad, to start a workout; create the circumstances that will drag you out of the comfort zone and into the temple of goals. Resign from your job, book the tickets, or join a gym that has rigorous rules. Remember that you have been postponing it for so long.

4 Reduce Payload

You want to start your project, find a partner and have a new car. Your payload is too heavy for you to fly. Even if you honestly have flairs for all the above, directing your energy to just one will win you the game. One goal at a time, this is how your resolutions will fall in line successively.

3 Put off Until Tomorrow

Now you have defined the central goal you have to aim for, put off everything else that might busy your mind. Keep on board what will help you to get to the shore.

2 Complimentary Goals

Aiming for two goals at one time works only if the goals fit together. You are starting a company in Norway and learning Norwegian, the new language helps you to get along with your work environment.

1 The Magic of NO

Obeying the urge for updating your Facebook page, or grabbing a cup of coffee with your friends on the expense of your work is what you should reject in first place. Answer every calling that comes from outside your goals realm with a bare no. Remember that you will be able to catch upon what you have missed later one.


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