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Top 10 Ways of Managing Deadlines

Deadlines could be the ghost that looms your daydreams let alone the night’s. Taking for granted that there are deadlines everywhere, at work, school, at home and even with your partner. You need to pay bells on time, otherwise things will get worse. Your partner might get mad as you have missed on one of their demands and might ironically set a deadline for it, it happens! So since our life seems to be based on these sweet little creatures, you need to accept them and ignore them. Not in the sense of ” I don’t care, let them burn in hell,” no! You work really hard but without the pressure of a deadline. Now how is that?

10 Water

As strange of a solution, most people lose themselves in work and forget even drinking. For hours, the hydration is getting down. One important trick is to keep a bottle of water by your side and take a gulp every now and then.

9 Gum

Every time you are stuck, it is preferred that you chow a gum. The repeated action of your mouth will somehow relieve stress and helps your mind find better solutions.

8 Seek Inspiration

Whenever you feel stressed and not able to cope, you should know that a longer stay will not do you any better or save you any time. You will end the job badly if you end it at all. So take a walk among some greeneries or watch the shops, probably some idea will pop in your head and you find a change of mood dawning.

7 Reflection

Take a few minutes to reflect on your goals, the reason you accepted to go through this deadline in the first place. Remember all the deadlines you have doubted before and still was able to achieve. Recharge yourself with the feeling that your self will be a successful this time as the previous good incidents.

6 Get your Place Tidy

Many people mistakenly believe that a messy surrounding helps them to be more creative. Yet this is not applicable if you are under a tight deadline. In such cases, all you need is to get your office in order and organize your computer’s desktop. It will give you a serene feeling that you are starting to take control of your life.

5 Distractions

Different distractions will try to pull you down especially the electronic ones, social media, emails and your phone. They are really great tools that help you but in different situations. Remember that your deadline deserves some sacrifice.

4 Organize Tasks

First you need to brainstorm and get everything out of your mind in the form of a to-do list. Put these things in order and prioritize them. You can use an app or a paper schedule to achieve this goal.

3 Do Physical Work

Whatever the physical work you choose to do, it needs to take you out of everything. You should feel that your mind is plugged out of every task, job or deadline. I suggest riding a bike early in the morning, it will help you wake up and energize you for the new day. You can also spend what is left of physical energy in you over it in the end of the day.

2 Take time off

Take some time off of your screen every now and then. You need to give your eyes and mind some rest even if it is just for 5 minutes. You can do some exercises in place or talk a walk to grab a healthy juice.

1 Dedicate

From the very beginning of any project dedicate the biggest bulk of your time to the real work. Do not interrupt it to have a chat or answer an urgent phone, you can grab on them later.

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