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Top 10 Washing Machine Parts That Need Repair in Canada

Washing machines are nowadays a common household commodity and no more a luxury one. Therefore, most of you are depending on washing machines for daily cloth washing, drying, which actually makes the entire laundry job quite simple, easier, and efficient and hassle-free. Now when you have a washing machine it is essential that you are aware of the standard repair requirements of your laundry machine, There are some parts of the washing machine which, if does not work properly, requires professional technical help so that you can maintain your washing machine in the best functional condition.

In Canada, every day there are hundreds of washing machine repair issues which technicians need to deal with, some of which are due to genuine machine problem and other are sometimes due to user negligence, which results in some parts not functioning correctly. However, in Toronto, Canada washing machine repair barrie has offered an unparallel service for over last 15 years and records to bag in comprehensive customer satisfaction, with a professional and technical edge.

However, here you will come across ten of the most common washing machine parts which call for repair services in Canada.

1 Door Lock of Front Loaders

While door locking issues might not be a major problem for top loaders, but for front loaders, even the slightest issue with door lock can lead to a might flood in your laundry room. Moreover, until and unless you lock the doors your machine does not start spinning as well. Common problems with washing machine doors

2 Bad Motor

One of the major reasons behind an entire bag full of washing machine problems could simply be a bad motor. Like for example

3 Bad Coupler

This is the part which particularly connects the motor to the machine’s transmission system. In most cases, this part is made of plastic or rubber essentially which makes it more vulnerable to abrasion, breakage, wear and tear and even breakage.

4 Water Pump Problem

The water pump happens to be an essential part of a washing machine which circulates the water inside the machine as well as drains it as well for longer life washing machines. However, it is mostly made out of plastic, which is why it can easily break, crack and tear off.  Moreover, in case if the water pump develops a bad seal, you will find water dripping from beneath the machine. The bad water pump can also lead to problems like water not circulating inside the machine.

5 Worn Out Water Pump Belt

The water is essentially driven by a belt which is quite often worn out easily. However, if the belt is worn out and slips off from its position the water pump will all together stop working completely.

6 Dryer and Washer Belts

Both the washer as well as the dryer is operated with the help of belts which helps these parts to move. However, often due to abrasion of the belts due to constant friction whenever the machine is operated, the belts tear off or wear leading the washer or the dryer accordingly to stop working completely.

7 The Igniter in the Dryer

There is an inbuilt igniter inside a dryer which helps to generate the potential amount of heat so the wet clothes can dry up. However, any fault or thermal fuse of this heating element can cause no heat or low heat to generate, and as a result, the clothes will not dry up entirely and you have to buy a new one from a reliable popular shop.

8 Thermal Fuse

As the igniter generates heat inside the machine to dry up the clothes, there essentially needs to be another mechanism which must control or limit the heat, so that the machine is not overheated which can again lead to burning the clothes, damaging the machine parts, leading to electrical disputes, etc. It is the thermal fuse which internally controls the amount of heat which must be produced to dry up the clothes. If you ever find your machine heating excessively, you need to stop using the machine and immediately call for expert help.

9 Gaskets

Gaskets are found in the dryers outlets and even in front doors. They offer an extensive range of tightly fitted guard to the machine so that heat or even water cannot escape out. Therefore, the primary job of gaskets is to bar a machine from leaking heat while in dryer mode or water when in washer mode. However, if this gasket is damaged, it can lead to inefficient drying and lots of water leakage. Water will essentially spill out of the machine flooding your rooms.

10 Display Unit

Every washing machine, be it semi-automatic, full-automatic, top load or front load, nowadays comes with a display unit panel, from where you can operate the machine functions. Many a time due to mishandling or machine’s functional fault, the display unit may show error codes, unreadable displays, or some knobs or buttons or touch buttons may not function at all. There could be various reasons behind it starting from faulty wire, connection problem, issues with the display panel, sensory issues, etc.

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