Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

Have you ever imagined how you would spend your money if you become the world’s wealthiest person? What will you buy first? Well, don’t be surprised because those who are already filthy rich bought some unusual luxury products that will surely blow you away!

10 Lock of Hair

Now, this is not just any lock of hair. This is none other than Elvis Presley’s lock of hair, sold by his barber after the singer’s death. One of these locks was sold at an online auction for $115,000!

Elvis-Presley-675x506 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

Elvis-Presley’s-lock-of-hair-675x527 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

9 Toilet Paper

Another shocking product on this list is the 3-ply 22-carat gold toilet paper. Yes, there is a gold toilet paper that is perfectly safe and usable. Hold your breath because this costs $1.3 million!

22-carat-gold-toilet-paper-675x530 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

8 Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset

If you often use a Bluetooth headset, but you don’t like its ugly plastic material, then, you will surely love this product that is encrusted with diamonds! This is one of those crazy accessories that not everyone can afford for the obvious reasons!

Diamond-Encrusted-Bluetooth-Headset-675x595 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

7 Instant Noodles

Yes, you read that right. Instant noodles are also available in luxury form these days. If you are willing to spend $43 for every cup, you can grab one of these hundred exclusive Pot Noodle cups. Every posh noodle comes in gold leaf pot that’s hand-flocked complete with a table linen and fork.

Harrods-Pot-Noodle-2-675x338 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

6 Tampons

All women need feminine hygiene products yet only those who have a lot of money, or a man in her life who has strange gift ideas, will be willing to spend $1,000 for tampons. The applicator is shaped like a lipstick case and holder were made by Andrew Mettler.

1000-tampons-675x449 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

1000-tampons-2-675x421 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

5 Truffle

Enjoying luxurious and delicious foods are one of the many benefits of being wealthy. Usually found on the table of elegant restaurants, truffles were already a status symbol for wealthy people. Truffles are in high esteem by many and considered a costly delicacy and indulgence.

truffle-675x450 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

truffles-675x506 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

4 Glace Balls of Ice

Ice cubes are for squares. The VIPs know that good ice comes in hand-carved spheres of ice that’s made from Canadian purified water. Rather than paying too much for bottled water, you may drop eight bones on the ice instead. On the bright side ice balls, do not dilute your expensive drink and cool this evenly. Claiming itself as the premium drink-ice brand in the world, the company guarantees the ice does not have taste or impurities.

Glace-Balls-of-Ice-675x675 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

White-Martini-Glace-Balls-of-Ice Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

3 Screaming Eagle Cabernet

If you are going to use Glace Luxury Ice, a costly liquor is needed. 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet worths a half million dollar. It’s the most expensive wine in the world!

Screaming-Eagle-Cabernet-2-675x526 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

Screaming-Eagle-Cabernet-675x450 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

2 Billionaire Couture Umbrella

It’s known as the most expensive umbrella in the world that costs $50,000. The umbrella is made from topnotch quality crocodile skin; it helps any billionaire show off their money.

Billionaire-Couture-Umbrella-675x770 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

Billionaire-Couture-Umbrella-2-675x558 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

1 MacDaddy fishing lure

It isn’t something you would purchase for your fishing aficionado who watches Bassmaster. It’s basically for huge game fishing. At twelve inches long, this fishing lure by MacDaddy has three pounds of platinum and gold and encrusted with 100k of diamonds as well as rubies and costs more than one million dollars.

million-dollar-lure-by-MacDaddy-675x183 Top 10 Unusual Luxury Products

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