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Top 10 Unusual Handbags That Are in Fashion

A lady’s taste of fashion is based on her ability to choose what is chic, affordable and say a lot about her personality. If you are looking for an unusual handbag that renders you out of the ordinary, here’s a list of the unusual handbags that are actually in fashion.

10 Skull Unique Bag

Natalia Brilli was the one who created such unique skull-shaped design. Brilli’s tendency towards the gothic scene is apparent. Predictably, Such a  skull-shaped purse usually comes in darker colors and mostly used as evening handbag.

9 Belt Up Unusual Handbags

Belt up handbags are made of old seat belts. Such bags are durable and lasting. Ladies usually use them to carry gadgets like laptop or baby belongings. They can are available in different colors. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed by how they are practical and chic at the same time.

8 Zipper Bags

Are you looking for a unique hot handbag? Zipper bags should be on the top of your list. Zipper bags begins with a long flat zipper with the ability to zip it up until it takes the shape of a handbag. Viola! You may also get various sized bags, which range from clutch bags to huge tote bags. There are numerous styles and colors you can find one you search for zipper bags.

7 Keyboard Bag

Usually, this keyboard bag is made of keyboard keys. Thus, if you want something that will make you distinctive among the others, keyboard bags are the best for you.

6 Candy Wrapper Bags

As its name implies, these bags are made of candy wrappers. Instead of throwing your old sweet wrappers into baskets, why not using them for good? These candy wrapper bags are available and affordable. You can also make your own candy wrapper bags at home. Depending on your preferences, you can choose your style.

5 Lunch Box Uncommon Handbag Fashion

The designer Eliza Doolittle may be your soulmate if you can hold bizarre handbags that take the shape of lunch boxes.

4 Record Bag

This Chanel vinyl record bag isn’t as strange as other bags. As a matter of fact, it is a pretty and awesome cool accessory for musicians. This unusual bag also catches the eye on red carpets.

3 Hula Hoop Bag of Chanel

It’s a hot buzz among the different collections of Chanel. Then, you may bring it on the beach for your folded towels. Fortunately, this brand has come up with the scaled down hula hoop bags for everyday purpose.

2 Doggie Handbag of Louis Vuitton

This Louis Vuitton handbag looks like a dog, printed with the authentic logo of LV and its designer is Meryl Smith.

1 Brain Brag

It is one of Jun Takahashi’s designs. Human organs are not only available in science labs. However, you may use them for the sake of fashion. This Brain Bag is made in an intricate knit of wool that resembles a three-pound human brain.