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Top 10 Unusual Hair Products to Use in 2018

Ladies love to experiment with their hair using different tools and products. But, did you know that some items are a bit strange if not downright weird? Take a look at these ten unusual hair products, and decide for yourself if you will give them a try or not.

10 Repurposed Barbie Dolls as Headpiece

For sure, many women out there played with Barbie dolls when they were still kids. But, can you imagine wearing these dolls as your headpiece? Now, that’s something unusual, or well, even a bit weird, don’t you think?

9 Sand Art Hair

Did you love the colorful sand art you’ve seen at the local craft show? You now have the chance to emulate those lovely multi-colored layers right on your own tresses!

8 Glitter Roots

If you don’t have enough time to go in between your coloring appointments, you can now add glitters to the roots. It will not just give your hair some sparkle but it will also hide your roots to conceal their lack of color.

7 Bumpits

It was years ago when the bump movement has officially started, but bumpits, the arched inserts put under the hair, remain in demand until today. These tools will let you achieve your much needed added volume in an instant.

6 Hair Tattoos

Everyone fell in love with Kylie Jenner’s hair tattoo several years ago, and you too can slay that look. For the application, all you need to do is hold the design of the tattoo upside down on your hair, dab with a wet cotton ball, peel off the paper, and you got a great bling for your tresses!

And there is another attractive yet unusual type of hair tattoos.

5 Recycled Bottle Caps as Hair Accessories

Who would have thought that recycled bottle caps could actually work as hair accessories? While it sounds a bit weird, it is a simple but amazing way of caring for the environment and having a unique hair accessory at the same time.

4 Grow Plants on Your Hair

This particularly weird hair accessory can make it seem like you have sprouts and plants growing from your head. Yes, it looks a bit strange, but they are also cute that you might even feel like trying them on yourself.

3 Flowers for Your Head

If growing plants sound too hardcore, then, by all means, you can settle for small ethereal flowers to adorn your tresses. Wrap these around your braids to achieve the best forest fairy feel.

2 Turbie Twist Towel

After ladies finished showering, they bend over and bother with twisting a large bath towel to cover their wet hair. It takes them 20 minutes to get ready, only for the towel to fall off again and again. Thanks to Turbie Twist Towel, you can finally say goodbye to this trouble.

1 Glitter Sticks

To add some color to your strands, you can also get some glitter sticks available in different colors include silver and gold. After all, who wouldn’t want to stand out from the rest?