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Top 10 Unusual Cosmetic Products for 2018

How much are you willing to go for the sake of beauty? You might not believe it, but some people went a long way to the extent of using some unusual cosmetic items; products that are so weird that they’re almost unbelievable! Following we introduce you ten of them.

10 Bird Poop Facial Treatment

Guanine, a special enzyme discovered in droppings of the nightingale, is an ingredient used in several makeup products which are said to do great in bleaching and exfoliating the skin. Guanine also removes blackheads and pollutants and helps even out the tone of skin.

9 Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

Gorilla Snot is used in the US by guitarists to hold on to their guitar picks, but Mexicans are using it as a hair gel instead. This is believed to offer extreme hold to achieve hairdos similar to that of an ape. Funny or cool?

8 Salmon Eggs Cream

You surely know how salmon is dubbed for being great for your health, but did you know that it is great for your skin too? Salmon Eggs purify your skin from imperfections to make glow, which inspired the creation of salmon eggs cream.

7 Snake Venom as Botox Alternative

If you think the first few products are crazy, this one is the craziest. Snake venom is now used in small amounts by specialists as a Botox alternative. It’s certainly unusual, not to mention potentially deadly.

6 Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Whether you believe it or not, bull semen or sperm is the newest cult hair treatment. This solution combines the mixture of katera plant root and Angus bull semen. These ingredients are rich in protein and help condition and penetrate the hair shaft.

5 Snail Mucus

While its benefit is scientifically proven, this is still incredibly bizarre. The snails’ protective mucus can promote anti-aging processes which can keep your skin healthy and flexible even when you get older.

4 Sweet Cosmetics

It is not a secret that makeup and chocolates are two of the favorite things of girls in this world, but have you ever thought of having these two in a single product? A Korean brand launched a product called Sweet Recipe, the chocolate like eyeshadows available in three various colors, packaged in such a way which resembles a candy bar. Now, that’s delicious looking!

3 Charcoal Swabs

These swabs look like Q-tips, but they also function like wipes that can help you remove makeup easily. This makes them perfect if you are in a rush and need to fix a small makeup detail without ruining your whole look.

2 Fish Pedicure

Can you imagine letting a school of tiny fish nibbling off those dead skin cells from your toes? You just need to place your feet inside a tank that contains a carp species and wait for 15 to 30 minutes while letting them feast on those calluses.

1 Placenta Wrinkle Cream

Placenta wrinkle cream made from bovine placentas can help slow down the appearance of visible aging signs through combating wrinkles and moisturizing skin.