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Top 10 things You Should Know about The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is a novel written by John Green in the year 2012, and hit cinema screens the following year to stay in weeks both in the box office and NY bestselling books’ list. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a thyroid- afflicted kid in her teens. She meets with Augusts Waters, a year older than her and befriend him till they love each other. She has refused this relationship from the very beginning for fear that she might broke his heart when she dies. Things get complicated and Hazel got puzzled by the fault in her and his stars. A lingering question, is why they meet and fall in love while they are not staying forever together. The novel’s question is that of fate and justice, both at once. Green has done a good job, though I have only watched the movie, I would love to get an idea of how his style might add to the beauty of the story.

From behind the scenes, I have brought you some of the trivia that you should not care about!

10 Shailene Woodley

Known as Shai, Shailene Woodley is said to have asked the author John Green for getting her into the movie several times. She has even wrote him a letter to convince him that she fits. The problem with Woodley is that she looks healthy while the role requires someone looking pale and sick.

9 True Story

The author John Green based his novel, and hence the movie on a true story of a young blogger who was infected by cancer. The girl befriended Green and told him her story. She is known over the internet for her young talent. The girl is Esther Earl and she died in 2010.

8 The hair

Because Shai’s hair was long before she took the role, she decided to cut it very short in order to fit the girl with cancer. Shailene Woodley went to give the hair for a children hospital. The kids lost the hair and they got the benefit of having hers.

7 A Cameo

John Green made a cameo in the movie. In some versions his appearance was cut, but in other versions of the movies he was kept. Green appeared in the airport scene. The kid who asks Hazel about the tube in her nose. He is this girl’s father.

6 The Book

Many says that John Green has been smart in turning his novel to movie as it gave it more fame and publicity let alone the money. Still, the novel itself has been a hit the moment it debuted selling million copies and topping New York Times’ best selling lists for over a year.

5 Josh Boone

The Fault in Our Stars, known among fans under TFiOS, was just one of Green’s novels that were recommended for cinema. Nearly every other novel is intended to be produced for the big screen. Green however turned to a novice director, Josh Boone, who did his best and was rewarded.

4 Nat Wolff

John Green preferred the scenes made by Nat Wolff. He considered them his favourite saying that he was able to express the supposed comedy as well pain; all at once. Nat has been acting for a while and reaped love off of the American hearts.

3 The Blind Guy

Nat Wolff turned blind, tried to wear patch eyes but then when it did not work he just went on with his own bare eyes. As a helping strategy, Wolff used a blackout contacts.

2 Details

Many of the story’s details were taken from the life of the real character, like the support group and the travel to Amsterdam.

1 The Title

Though if this title – The Fault in Our Stars- is mentioned now, everyone will definitely remember the novel or the book; these five words were first mentioned in a Shakespearean play. ” The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars.

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