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Top 10 Summer-Blooming Trees for Your Garden

Many people assume that trees bloom only during springtime. However, there are actually some special tree species which bloom throughout the summer period and some other flowers bloom all the year. If you have plans to improve your landscape during summertime, here are the top 10 flowering trees that bloom all summer.

1 Sweetbay Magnolia

Better known as swamp magnolia, sweetbay magnolia flowers throughout the summer. This serves as an evergreen in semi-evergreen in the cooler northern areas where it grows; however, it is evergreen in southern places. Such trees tend to grow in moist and wet spots, so it needs regular watering.

2 Chaste Tree

Is is a small tree producing upright and long plumes of purple flowers throughout the summer. If in full bloom, the flowers almost cover the entire foliage. The tree’s twisted trunks and gray bark render it spellbinding to butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

3 Crepe Myrtle

It is a small, entrancing tree producing pink flower and is one of the top 10 flowering trees that bloom during summertime. Birds and butterflies hover over the Crepe Myrtle thanks to the fruits and the fluffy plumes produced by it.

4 Fringe Tree

The Fringe tree is named after its tassel-like fragrant, aromatic flowers, so it is worth a spot in the gardens where summer fruits put the magic touch.

5 Magnolia Grandiflora

Magnolia Grandiflora usually grows against warm walls where it can get enormous. Then, you may successfully prune it as soon as it flowers.

6 Eucryphia

It is a natural specimen tree with a special tendency to acid soils . When placed in a sheltered area, it makes an upright and graceful evergreen tree that bears cupped flowers of white hue specifically during late summer.

7 Pterostyrax Hispida

These trees’ creamy blooms dangle in 23-centimeter clusters, bearing a resemblance to epaulets. Such plant smells sweet, fluttering in the breeze as well as the large and apple green leaves.

8 Chinese or Indian Bean Tree

The Indian bean trees grow in cities; they don’t seem to be badly affected by pollution and poor soils, with the heart-shaped leaves requiring protection from winds. Such trees grow into large trees; however, they still respond well when being pruned.

9 Stewartia Pseudocamellia

Among the top 10 flowering trees that bloom all summer, Stewartia Pseudocamellia needs moist acid soil, but you must render it properly drained and in partial shade and sheltered from the wind as well. If there is a space in your room for it, then  you can grow such a plant to add a magic touch to the room. During summer time, its branches are laden with big camellia flowers, delicately crimped petals of white hue that encircle a boss of tousled golden stamens.

10 Koelreuteria Paniculata

Growing this tree is easier than pronouncing its name and this thrives on all types of soil; it tolerates drought and winds, doing its best during the hot summer.