Top 10 Stylish Women’s Masquerade Masks for Christmas

Christmas is one of the best holidays ever, and for good reasons: Gifts, good cheer, and damn good parties. And that’s not even including the masquerade balls that take place during this season. Now, for any regular holiday party, it’s already hard enough to decide what to wear. We can imagine just how bad it would be for an actual ball where guests dress to impress. Then there’s the masquerade mask. Which one should you choose? Should you go generic black? Or go wild with one that has feathers and sparkles along with loads of color? Should you go for a full face mask, a half face mask, or just an eye mask? What the heck is a Venetian mask anyway? Before you break out in hives with all the questions and options, take a deep breath. There’s no reason to get stressed out over a party because we’re here to help. To make things easier for you, we compiled a list of our most popular masks for women. Now all you have to do is see if it goes with your dress and comes in your size.


If you don’t want to deal with a lot of color or bling, black is a good option. But you needn’t settle for something so generic when you can opt for subtle decor here and there. This half-mask has an ornate design with a distinct “crown” on top. The sparkle is there, but it’s minimal so you won’t be blinding anyone with it. This is the perfect choice if you want to be stylish, subtle, and mysterious all at once.

masquerade-mask Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


Masquerades bring out the lady in all of us with a little bit of naughty on the side. This is a beautifully crafted mask with its flowing swirls. It’s gold-plated and bejeweled but only enough to be fancy. And while the delicateness of the mask speaks of refinement, the edgy outline whispers of your wild side.

CATWOMAN-COMPLETA-GOLD-Masquerade-mask Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


For women who prefer contrast to sparkles and intricate designs, this Colombina mask may be a perfect choice. It reminds us a bit of the Phantom of the Opera and of Old Venice where people wore two faces – the public and the private. Or you could just have two sides of you – the naughty and the nice. Whatever the reason is, this is a simple yet elegant choice that would look good on anyone.

Masquerade-mask-2 Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


This harlequin mask has an autumnal feel, but it can be worn in any season. The colors – brown, copper, burgundy, and moss green – are all hand-painted. The colors are subtle, not flashy. And it’s the perfect complement to an ensemble that’s dark and needs a bit of light.

Masquerade-mask-3 Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


This movie is probably the first thing anyone ever thinks of whenever they hear the words “masquerade ball”. Totally understandable. It’s a one-of-a-kind movie. And this mask is one-of-kind too. It’s daring and mysterious at the same time. It’s flashy but not too sparkly or colorful. This full face mask is handmade in Italy and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Not that you’ll need it because this masquerade mask says it all.

Masquerade-mask-4 Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


Masquerades are known for being naughty. So going with an all-white mask that features wispy features, lace trim, satin rosettes, and even a light veil is bound to catch the eyes of many. Of course, this mask has been used in weddings too. We can just imagine how a bride will look both sweet and sexy on her big day wearing this handcrafted mask. But since we’re talking about Christmas parties here, it can be the perfect contrast to a black dress in a winter wonderland-themed party. Just think Black Swan.

mask-dolce-rosa-white-675x575 Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas

Masquerade-mask-6-675x844 Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


Ok, so this mask has a lot going on. It’s got a lot of bright colors, feathers, and textures. It’s similar to a harlequin style mask with its various panels. Admittedly, this isn’t going to be everyone’s first choice because of its wild burst of color. But it’s definitely not on the gaudy side. The colors are bright but not brazen. We can imagine wearing this to a Mardi Gras or Carnaval themed Christmas party.

Masquerade-mask Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


Admit it. Catwoman is the sexy personified. This makes this choice a no-brainer. Like many of our other choices, this silver mask is also handcrafted in Italy. But that’s where the similarities end. The mask is made out of ornate metal with crystals and a tasseled baton. You may have noticed that it’s only half of a mask. Yes, it’s sort of like you are planning on playing a bit of hide and seek with another masked guest. Wink, wink. But that’s not the best part. This mask is the stylish choice for someone who isn’t used to wearing a mask or doesn’t want her hair and makeup messed up by it.

Masquerade-mask-CATWOMAN-SILVER-BAROCCA-STICK Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


If you don’t want a splash of color, but you want a mask that will subtly spice up your entire ensemble, then a mask in this style may be more your style. It’s completely black, no sparkles or edgy outlines. What it does have is a geometric pattern that transforms this mask from a simple accessory to an intricately designed one. And the cat eyes are awesome. Whether you’re going to a cocktail party or a fancy ball, this is one mask that’ll fit right in.

Masquerade-mask-SMOKING-METALLO-675x557 Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas


Last but certainly not the least. Since it is Christmas, we thought of one mask that would look more like holiday cheer. This Colombina mask has a satin green finish with black lace trim. The crystals line the upper side of the eye. And you have this small bunch of glossy green feathers with a bit of glitter on the right temple. It reminds us of Christmas decor while still making you look sexy instead of Santa-y.

Masquerade-mask-COLOMBINA-FIORE-GREEN Top 10 Stylish Women's Masquerade Masks for Christmas

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