Top 10 Strangest Wild Animals in The World

Nature is full of wonders! We used to watch cartoon movies and the ones about space creatures and have a belief that these things are difficult to be found on earth. Yet this list is home for different creatures which you have hardly heard their name before. Skim this list and you will find creatures with two eyes, blood come out of their eye, and some who have both sexual organs in just one body. Around us we find the cute puppy, the nice cat or beautiful sparrow; but we have not busied our mind with creatures that may have lived in the underground or in the hard wilderness. These animals, no doubt, have grown organs and own characteristics that help them succeed in their environment.

10 Kangaroo and Joey

The baby of a kangaroo is called Joey. It stays in its mother’s pouch for a whole year.  Then it takes off its fur and starts walking. Though it is not able to see simply because the eyes in this stage are not developed yet, the Joey kangaroo depends on its forelegs in crawling. Once it walks for a while it goes back again to the pouch.

9 Proboscis Monkey

This kind of monkey is about three feet on length, but their sizes vary between male and female Proboscis. The shape of nose is something very important for the male ones. Since being big attracts their female partners.

8 Horned Lizard

The horned lizards are found in Northern America especially in deserts. I challenge you to find some weird animal like this especially in its self-defense system. When this lizard is attacked, it shoots blood from its eye. Creepy!

7 Flounder in the Sand

A flounder at birth is just as normal as any other creature. Its eyes are in place and everything is just okay. After a few days its two eyes move to the same place and the fish starts to move and slip using just one side.

6 Polyclad Flatworm

The polyclad flatworm is a two in one creature. It has the female and male organs together. In order to breed the two of them starts a fight that sometimes ends with the death of one of them. Everyone of them tries to stab the partner with its penis.

5 Shaggy Frogfish

The frogfish is famous for sucking its prey while they are in their place. They do not go anywhere following a desired creature. Its shape offers it a great camouflage, and makes it look like a coral reef, the thing that fools its prey.

4 Naked Mole Rat

This difficult-to-categorize creature has characteristics that are a blend of a mole and a rat. They used to live in a dark environment, mostly underground. You would expect them to be blind, which they are. They thus depend on their body’s hair for guidance

3 Sea Hare

Another animal that has both male and female sexual organ

s is the Sea Hare. When its time for breeding, the first sea hare plays the role of a female only, in the middle there is another one that plays both roles, and the third is just a male. A love triangle, you can call it!

2 Black Widow Spider

With eight legs, the black widow spider uses a different apparatus in catching her prey. It senses the vibrations through her web. The next step is squirting a toxic chemical in the nervous system of her prey. This makes it unable to move.

1 Praying Mantis

In Greek the word mantis means prophet, and this holy insect got this name due to the physical posture it always has that looks like a person in prayer. Its female, though, is not peaceful at all. During reproduction, it eats its male partner by biting its head then eating the carcass after it takes his sperm. The lady puts happily a number of 200 eggs afterwards!

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