Top 10 Smallest Persons in the World

People with disabilities and exotic features find difficult time even walking through the streets specially when they are growing up. The world record called Guinness that keeps track of tallest, shortest, fattest… persons put standards to such features. Though they are becoming worldly famous, still it is all about a natural gift- if we can call it a gift. Despite of these records, we can be sure that hard time is what all of these people get.

10 Stacey Herald

In the United States of America, Stacey is a mother of three children who is no more than 29 inches. Stacey got married in the year 2005 to a 5-feet-man. Though Stacey was advised not to give birth because her weak body might be badly affected, she gave birth three times. Two of them were born with the same condition like their mother.


9 Hatice Kocaman

In Turkey, Hatice Kocaman has the same height of 28 inches. Though in her 20s, Hatice has a hard time moving around not to mention having a job. She is able to do simple work that enables her to help her mother.


8 Edward Niño Hernández

Living in Colombia, Edward is 28 years old and used to hold a Guinness Record. He suffers from a number of problems include eyesight and writing. As for the last, the very small size of his fingers hinder his writing abilities. Despite of all these handicaps, Edward is trying to afford for himself by working as a dancer.


7 Bridgette Jordan

Aging 25 years old this year, Bridgette is 27 inches. She used to suffer from dwarfism type II. Jordan is an extremely determined person who is working as a cheerleader and studying in the Kaskaskia in Illinois. Her dreams revolves around having a fashion store in which she designs clothes for people of very small sizes like hers.


6 Lin Yu-chih

In his forties, Lin is 26.6 inches. This is a result of his suffering from the very rare imperfecta that made his bone and body shrink in the size of toddler. Lin is another example for healthy people who prefer to take the easy way out. Despite of Lin’s misfortune he works as an author and social activist in China.

5 Khagendra Thapa Magar

is known in Nepal as the Little Budda, and is included in Guinness Book for World Records. He suffers from extreme learning deficiencies and was entitled to a nursery. He is now a goodwill ambassador for the Nepalese community. His dwarfism is really strange, as he has the body and mental abilities of a 3-year-old-kid.


4 Madge Bester

Recorded in the World Guinness Book as the smallest unmobile woman, Bester is 25.5 inches. Bester has met with Lin Yu-Chin and gave him the following advice, “take charge of your life. Forget your disabilities and use your abilities.”

3 Jyoti Amge

With 24.7 inches, Jyoti holds the third place in our list. Though she used to have a very week body as her growth stopped since her first year after birth, she is completely different. She is determined to work as an actress in Hollywood. She has already made it to Bollywood in the 2012 Pan Supari. Jyoti has joined an Open University as well. About her dream she says, “I would like to be an actress in Hollywood and win an Oscar. The only difference is my height,” says Amge.”


2 Junrey Balawing

The world’s second shortest man is 23.6 inches from The Philippines. His weak legs disable him from walking proberly, the thing that makes him clutches to a stick in order to be able to weak.


1 Chandra Bahadur Dangi

The smallest person living is 21.5 inches and he is the oldest in the list, aging 75 years old. Despite of his primordial dwarfism, Dangi’s limbs do not fit the 21.5 inches of his body. Shocking as it may be, when Dangi was diagnosed by the Guinness Record doctors, they found him completely healthy!

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