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Top 10 Shocking Facts about Laser Hair Removal

The overgrowth of hair in undesirable places which most women are suffering from is one of the most embarrassing things, and it requires a great effort to get rid of it. The elimination of excess hair using old methods, such as shaving or snuff or the use of creams wasted a lot of money, time and effort. Besides, all these solutions are temporary; they do not remove the hair permanently, and it soon grows again, and they entail repeating the process.

That’s why most women are trying to find alternative solutions to remove hair from unwanted areas. In this article, we are discussing how to remove the extra hair using the laser treatment, identify some causes of excess hair growth, and provide you with the best solution that helps to remove hair without pain.

But firstly, we have to know that there are genetic as well as hormonal causes, and pharmaceutical side effects. We need to identify the specific reasons to determine how many sessions you will need and the best kind of laser for your skin.

1 The laser works perfectly on dark hair

The laser works best for people who have light skin and dark hair color; it will be more effective, and you will see the difference. The ladies with red, blonde, and grey hair color will not see the optimal change as the laser targets the dark colors and pigments.

2 Laser treatment delays the hair growth does not remove it

We can see the hair after one or two months of laser removal. It is important to know that the laser delays the hair growth and does not remove it. This is important information because there is no limited number of laser sessions to eliminate hair follicle.

3 The limit age of the laser treatment

The laser can be used at any stage of age. Some types of lasers are effective in removing certain birthmarks in children aged one year or less as there is no age limit for laser use. The doctor usually adjusts the given dose, taking into account the skin pattern and the area to be treated.

4 Laser does not cause Cancer

The laser known since 1960; laser rays are non-ionized rays, and that makes laser inherently non-cancerous. There is not yet a single cancer case that is updated after exposure to laser radiation if 100% does not cause cancer.

5 Avoid the sun rays during the treatment

One of the most common complications seen in some cases is that if the device is not used properly, we can notice the appearance of brunette. It may take several weeks or months until the creamy bleach eliminates it. Therefore, there are some special precautions taken by the doctor before and after laser treatment, such as refrain from exposure to the sun and remain away from the sun rays after the treatment. Determining the pattern of the skin helps the doctor to choose the suitable type of laser which plays a key role in reducing the occurrence of complications.

6 Using anesthetic cream for pain

Laser pain is usually permanent. And it can be eliminated by applying an anesthetic cream. Identify the hair removal site and massage it with the anesthetic cream and leave it for half an hour before the laser treatment session. The pain will disappear during the session.

7 Regular appointments are required

You will need to make regular appointments for the laser treatment sessions to get the best results, and the appointments should be every 4 to 6 weeks. And the required sessions for the body are between 8 to 10.

8 Give up your usual routine in removing the hair

You have to change the usual routine you used to remove the hair during the period of the laser treatment to ensure the best results. And it is preferred to shave on the day of the laser treatment session.

9 Laser does not get rid of hair 100%

We have to know the fact that the hair will not disappear 100%  even if you made ten sessions of the laser, but the thickness and color will reduce. There is no fixed number of the required sessions; every case has its own limit.

10 The laser treatment cost

The laser hair removal will cost around $5,000, and the average cost per session is $300. The cost varies from patient to another as it depends on the size of the area needs the treatment, the required number of sessions, the city you live in, and other factors.

Every problem has a solution, and there is no need to suffer in silence; if the excess hair is bothersome, just consult your doctor to help you find out why and how to remove your hair and the best solution. So, follow these steps:

First, ask your doctor.

Second, do the necessary tests and make sure those tests are carried out to ascertain the proportion of hormones of femininity and masculinity in the blood.

Third, the regularity of treatment for at least two months and following up with the doctor is a quite important part of your treatment to get best results.

After treatment, you can painlessly remove the hair by laser or through other methods. We hope that the article covered some of the questions that may come to the mind when you are thinking of taking the step of using the laser treatment to remove the extra hair.