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Top 10 Reasons Why Sherweb Company Offer The Best Mail Hosting Solutions

 Are you looking for the best mail hosting company? Well, look no further as the information below will give you the top 10 reasons why Sherweb Company offers the best mail hosting solutions.

sherweb Top 10 Reasons Why Sherweb Company Offer The Best Mail Hosting Solutions

1.  SherWeb is the proud advocate of a brand-new business model in terms of a software service. This company is rated as the # 1 mail hosting company because they offer economical and customized business class email solution to over 20,000 large, medium and small businesses worldwide. SherWeb is a BlackBerry Alliance and Gold Microsoft Partner.

2. Customers with SherWeb hosted Exchange account can take advantage of the most advanced architecture in the industry. Their email and collaboration systems are based on a scalable and reliable platform with top of the line equipment like Cisco, EMC and Dell.

3. SherWeb is offering exclusive Hosted Exchange package with 3 GB disk space only for $8.95 USD monthly.  This generous offer also comes with several free additional features including active mobile synchronization; Microsoft Outlook 2007 software; advanced anti-spam filtering and Microsoft Windows SharePoint 3.0 Services.

4. When it comes to reliability and quality, SherWeb uses a state-of-art fortune-500 hosted exchange infrastructure that guarantees 99.99% uptime. This infrastructure is supported by redundant systems; dedicated backup system; 64 bit Dell PowerEdge servers with multi-core processors; fiber channel network; SAS 70 security certification and 247/ network monitoring.

5. SherWeb also gets top rating for being the best mail hosting company because their network is designed to offer scalability. This means that every component of the architecture has an important part to play and can be upgraded constantly to incorporate new components. So, if you choose this company it will grow along with you.

6. The Fortune 500-grade platform that is used by this company is fully compliant with most of the strictest standards in the industry. SherWeb offers turnkey SMS message and administrative solution that is in compliance with the regulations and rules of organizations like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

7. SherWeb hosted mobility will allow you to enjoy synchronization services. Whether you are using DROID, iPhone or BlackBerry, your emails, contacts, calendar and tasks will be readily at hand. With wireless synchronization in real time, you can be efficient on the go as well as in the office. Team collaboration is also much easier with Exchange 2010, so you can save money and time when sharing documents, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks.

8. Another reason why SherWeb can offer top mail hosting service is because they provide BES or BlackBerry Enterprise Server advantage. With hosted BES, it is possible to unleash the capabilities of BlackBerry. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy and manage this server in-house. BES connectivity offers two-way synchronization in real-time in contrast to the basic BIS or BlackBerry Internet Service that would offer limited inbox access via the internet.

9. With top-of-the-line encrypted security technology, SherWeb is able to provide the most secure email solutions. They only use fully secured end-to-end network connections to ensure that all messages are encrypted while in transit. This gives customers the reassurance that critical business data is always safe and secure.

10. SherWeb provides timely and personal support to customers with the help of trained technical experts who are fully committed to offer accurate and fast responses. Customers can get help through live chat, phone and ticket system.



Based on the information above, it is obvious that SherWeb Company stands out from other providers. There is definitely no doubt that this is the best mail hosting company.

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