Top 10 Serial Killers in the World

A serial killer is the one who is responsible for killing more than one person at different times and not at the same time. The crimes of serial killers can also be committed in different places to make it more difficult for the police officers to arrest the killers. The murderer who is classified as a serial killer leaves a period of time between each crime and this period may come to be just few hours, days, months or even years in which the killer waits to return back again to the previous savagery and cruelty of killing people. Most of the serial killers suffer from psychological or social problems that led them to committing their crimes. Some of the serial killers can be successfuly tracked to be arrested before killing more victims, while the others are hardly arrested which leads to killing more and more victims without the ability to save them. They kill their victims through shooting, stabbing, burning, beating, torturing and other brutal ways that are really inhumane. We present to you more information about the top 10 serial killers in the world. According to Wikipedia, those serial killers recorded the highest numbers of killed victims from the 20th century till now. The numbers of victims are not precise, they are estimations according to the bodies that were found and the confession of the killers.


10. Alexander Pichushkin – 48 victims.

He is a serial killer from Russia and he is also known as “The Chessboard Killer” or “The Bitsa Park Maniac”. He started killing his victims in 1992 until he was arrested in 2006. He was condemned to life imprisonment for murder as he killed about 48 persons, but he confessed that the number of his victims is 63 as he aimed at completing the number of boxes on the chessboard through killing 64 persons and that is why he is known as “The Chessboard Killer”.

Alexander Pichushkin

9. Gary Ridgway – 48 victims.

He is an American serial killer who is known as “The Green River Killer” or “The Riverman” referring to the place where he used to kill his victims. He started killing in 1982 until he was arrested in 2000. He was condemned to life imprisonment for killing 48 women which is the proved number, but he confessed that he killed 71 women through choking them to death. He chose his women victims from prostitutes and runaways.

Gary Ridgway.

8. Anatoly Onoprienko – 52 victims.

He is known as “The Beast of Ukraine”, “The Terminator” and “Citizen O”. He started killing in 1989 until he was arrested in 1996. He was condemned to death and after that it was changed to be life imprisonment for killing 52 persons.

Anatoly Onoprienko

7. Andrei Chikatilo – 53 victims.

He is an Ukrainian serial killer who started killing in 1978 until he was arrested in 1990. He is known as “The Butcher of Rostov”, “The Forest Strip Killer” and “The Red Ripper”. He was condemned to death or execution through gunshot for killing 53 children and women.

Andrei Chikatilo

6. Yang Xinhai – 67 victims.

He is a Chinese serial killer who started killing in 2000 and was arrested in 2003. He is known as “The Monster Killer” and he is a real monster because of his way for killing his victims using hammers, shovels and axes. He was condemned to death for killing 67 persons in just three years.


5. Pedro Rodrigues Filho – 71 victims.

He is a Brazilian serial killer who started to kill in 1967 until he was finally arrested in 2003. He is known as “Little Peter the Killer”. He was condemned to imprisonment for 128 years for killing 71 persons but he confessed that he killed more than 100. He ate a piece of his father’s heart after killing him.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

4. Daniel Camargo – 72 victims.

A serial killer from Colombia and he started killing in 1974 until he was arrested in 1986. He condemned to imprisonment for raping and killing 72 victims and most of them are young virgin girls but he did not serve his penalty because he was killed in the prison.

Daniel Camargo

3. Anders Behring Breivik – 77 victims.

He is a Norwegian serial killer who was condemned to imprisonment for 21 years that are extendable for killing 69 teenagers in a camp through shooting them without mercy after bombing governmental buildings in Oslo that led to the death of 8 victims in 2011.

Anders Behring Breivik

2. Pedro Alonso López – 110 victims.

He is a Colombian serial killer and he started to kill in 1969 until he was arrested in 1980. He was imprisoned for raping and killing 110 innocent young virgin girls whose ages range from 8 to 12 years old and he confessed that he killed 300 victims. Unfortunately, he was released and set free in 1998.


1. Luis Garavito – 138 victims.

Another serial killer from Colombia who appeared in 1990s and he is known as “La Bestia” which means the beast. He is really a savage person who was imprisoned for being accused of many crimes such as raping, torturing to death and killing children. The number of his victims is 138, but he is thought that he killed more than 400 victims.

Luis Alfredo Garavito

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