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Top 10 Richest Countries

There are many countries around the world which live a luxurious life while there are other countries which suffer from poverty and starvation to the extent that they do not find the most essential requirements and needs for staying alive such as food and drink. Anyway, all of the richest countries have some features in common on which the classification is based such as the high standard of living for the inhabitants, big number of services and amenities with high level, the lowest number of unemployment, economic stability, high rate of production, low level of inflation and high income. There are two ways for measuring the economic condition of any country, the first one is through what is called (GDP) and it is an acronym for Gross Domestic Product which defines the level and condition of the country’s economy, the other one is called GDP (PPP) which is an acronym for Purchasing Power Parity per capita and it is more precise than the previous method because it shows whether people who live in the country are rich or poor through determining their standard of living. To know more about the richest countries in the world, we present to you the 10 richest countries that are ranked on the basis of GDP per capita.

10. Kuwait:

It is ranked as the tenth richest country in the world. It is located in Asia and its capital city is Kuwait City. The currency of this country is Kuwaiti Dinar and the GDP per capita is $43,773.88

KuwaitCity2 Top 10 Richest Countries
intertwined-infosys-kuwait-q8 Top 10 Richest Countries
kuwait-beauty-5 Top 10 Richest Countries
Arch2o-Kuwait-International-Airport-Terminal-Foster-+-Partners-13 Top 10 Richest Countries

9. Switzerland:

It is the ninth richest country in the world and it is situated in Europe. Its capital city is Berne and the official currency over there is Swiss Frac. The GDP per capita in this country is $44,015.97.

Switzerland-Photo-5 Top 10 Richest Countries
Fields Top 10 Richest Countries
switzerland__nature_by_elodiejones-d4bsyqs Top 10 Richest Countries

8. United Arab Emirates:

It is ranked as the eighth richest country. It is located in Asia, its capital city is Abu Dhabi and its currency is United Arab Emirates Dirham. The GDP per capita in the country is $48,434.60. 

real-estate-property-dubai Top 10 Richest Countries
lets-travel-to-united-arab-emirates-abu-dhabi-with-sanjay-pradhan-2 Top 10 Richest Countries
abu-dhabi-capital-united-arab-emirates-world-architecture Top 10 Richest Countries
dubai Top 10 Richest Countries
United-Arab-Emirates Top 10 Richest Countries

7. United States:

It comes at the seventh place in the list of the richest countries. It is located in North America and its capital city is Washington DC while its currency is US Dollar. The GDP per capita in this country is $49,601.41.

Statue-f-Liberty Top 10 Richest Countries
USA Top 10 Richest Countries
things-to-do-in-washington-d-c Top 10 Richest Countries

6. Brunei Darussalam:

It is the sixth richest country in the list with a per capita GDP of $50,440.03. The country is located in Asia, its capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan and its currency is Brunei Dollar.

BWN-Brunei-Bandar-Seri-Begawan-Omar-Ali-Saifuddien-Mosque-with-stone-boat-and-lagoon-by-day-b Top 10 Richest Countries
Brunei-Darussalam. Top 10 Richest Countries
Brunei-Darussalam Top 10 Richest Countries

5. Hong Kong SAR:

It occupies the fifth place in the list of the richest countries and it is situated in Asia and its currency is Hong Kong Dollar. The GDP per capita in this country is $50,716.14.

hong_kong_symphony_of_light Top 10 Richest Countries
Hong-Kong-SAR Top 10 Richest Countries
Hong-Kong-Tourism-Attractions-China Top 10 Richest Countries

4. Norway:

It is ranked as the fourth richest country that is located in Europe and its capital city is Oslo. The currency of this country is Norwegian Krone and the GDP per capita is $54,479.06.

Norway-ulpit-Rock-or-Preikestolen-Prekestolen-in-Norwegian-is-one-of-the-area’s-big-tourist-attractions Top 10 Richest Countries
Travel-Norway-Architecture-17 Top 10 Richest Countries

3. Singapore:

It is the third richest country that is located in Asia and its capital city is Singapore. The currency of this country is Singapore Dollar and the GDP per capita is $61,046.96.

Marina-Bay-Sands-Hotel-Skypark-Singapore-from-Waterfront-Esplanade Top 10 Richest Countries
vector-village-wallpaper-world-singapore-wallpapers-array-wallwuzz-hd-wallpaper-7186 Top 10 Richest Countries
esplanade-singapore-the-eye Top 10 Richest Countries

2. Luxembourg:

It is ranked as the second richest country in the world and it is located in Europe. Its capital city is Luxembourg and its currency is Euro. The GDP per capita is $79,649.49.

Luxembourg_Pont_Adolphe Top 10 Richest Countries
luxembourg-bridge Top 10 Richest Countries
luxembourg_gardens Top 10 Richest Countries

And now after waiting for a long time, what is the richest country in the world?



Try to guess



Without envy at all

 the richest country on the ground is


1. Qatar :

It occupies the top and the first place in the list by being ranked as the richest country in the whole world. It is an Arabian country that is situated in Asia, its capital city is Doha and its currency is Qatari Riyal. A large sector of the country’s economy is mainly based on oil. The GDP per capita is the highest as it records $106,283.96.

Qatar Top 10 Richest Countries
Inaugural-of-Qatar Top 10 Richest Countries
qatar_football_stadium_1 Top 10 Richest Countries
Qatar-sealine-to-be-an-exquisite-family-destination Top 10 Richest Countries
qatar___doha___state_mosque___03_by_giardqatar-d5rdidl Top 10 Richest Countries
qatar-8217-s-2022-world-cup-stadium_2 Top 10 Richest Countries


Do you live in any of these countries? If it is yes, then “congratulations”.


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