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Top 10 Regrets of People on Death Bed

Only wise people who ask the following question: what should I do now in order not to repent my life when I grow old? And only the successful who realize that the time this question is asked is the right time, and not a couple of years earlier, to put the following steps into action.

10 Exert More Effort

Many dying people realize, when they have reached the time they are really helpless, that the emotional and psychological problems they used to grumble about were nothing but weaknesses. Now they are physically weak wishfully thinking that if they are able to regain their physical power, they would exert more effort. More effort with their families, at work and over themselves.

9 Fight

Many people tend to postpone their problems for tomorrow unaware that there will be a day when there is no tomorrow. Once faced with a problem, two options loom before you; Fight or Flight. Do not ever think that you can avoid problems choosing the second one. Surpass your problems by handling them.

8 Reach

Reaching others is the biggest regret outside our own small world. It a precious motto to put before your eyes that the legacy of any person is measured by the number of lives he affects and the number of destinies he changes. Keeping your interests ego-centered might be tempting during your lifetime but it will be one of your biggest regrets on tour death bed.

7 Balance

Take some time out of work, granted that you are a workaholic, to see the world and enjoy yourself. Human beings are complex composite, work hard but give vent to your social self every now and then.

6 Save Money

The best financial advice to follow is to make your first million before you turn 30. Do not raise your eyebrows. The 20s is the time when you feel that life will never end, once they end you will realize that life will.

5 Speak Up

The worst thing good people do is that they reject things silently. They take aback out of fear or laziness, they might take any inaction but not to speak their minds.

4 Be Happy

Late in your life when everything else is dying with you, you will realize that being happy was dependent on the here and now but on you choosing to laugh out loud despite of circumstances.

3 Be Risky

As the adage goes, bigger the risk, bigger the returns; and the returns could be fruitful. If you have never made any risk in your, it means that even if you are successful there was still a level you have not reached. Steve Jobs, for example, was a risk taker. He used to push his employees to risk even failure. You, yes you, open up to the world and live your life fully. Go as far as you can, what will you repent in the end are the things you have not tried and not the reverse.

2 Do not Conform

Earl Nightingale in his book, The Strangest Secret cites one psychologist saying, “the opposite of courage is not cowardice, but conformity.” When you act like people because you know no better, you are mindless. Moreover, when you act like people because you are afraid of them, of their comments and stare; you are coward! Yes, you are. We all came equally to the world world with no manual of how to behave or what to say. Remember that they tend to stop you, because they do not know where your dreams are leading you. You show them.

1 Aspire

It is just one life and now you are leaving it. Live it for a Goal, it will give you the momentum to achieve a lot in little time. I wish I were more ambitious and shoot for the stars; that is what you will say soon if you do not stop reading, close your browser, put what you have just read into action, plan your life and head to work.


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