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Top 10 Reasons Why Network Solutions is the Best Joomla Hosting Company

Network Solutions was established in 1979, which means that this company has a very impressive history unlike no other provider in this industry. At first, this company was an engineering firm but the business has evolved over the years as they started to offer cutting edge services in the internet industry. Today, they are the leading providers of web hosting services, ecommerce functionality, Joomla hosting, web design services and more.

networksolutions Top 10 Reasons Why Network Solutions is the Best Joomla Hosting Company

 Here are the top 10 reasons why Network Solutions is the best Joomla hosting company.


1. Network Solutions knows how to offer value for money with three hosting packages which are well-priced for beginners, growing businesses and high traffic websites. The hosting packages also come with well-designed features, excellent web builder tool, generous disk space, FTP access and more. Whether customers want Windows or UNIX hosting, they can benefit from top-notch services and features at a price that is extremely reasonable.

2. This company provides a control panel that is intuitive and easy to use. Customers can easily access site center, security center and ImageCafe site builder, just to name a few, from the main control panel.

3. Network Solutions receives many accolades for offering a website that is easy to navigate and well-organized. This is just another reason why they are recognized as the top Joomla hosting service. Their hosting toolbox gives customers easy access to all features, options and tools, plus there are useful descriptions and icons for additional assistance.

4. When it comes to site creation tools, this provider also stands out with options for beginners and experts alike. This includes WYSIWYG interface for beginners and many open source applications such as Joomla for advanced users. In addition, Network Solutions supports most programming languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails and JSP.

5. For server access, Network Solutions offer unlimited FTP accounts and cron jobs for scheduled tasks like downloading emails.

6. This # 1 Joomla hosting company also offers impressive marketing tools to boost web presence and generate high traffic. This includes engine submission and free advertising credits.

7. For reporting and statistics, Network Solutions uses AWStats file analyzer to provide comprehensive reports for site analytics as well as raw log files access.

8. When it comes to reliability, Network Solutions has its own state-of-art facilities for data centers with features such as automatic restore and backup solutions, top-grade server hardware and world-class network and infrastructure. This ensures that customers benefit from superior performance and higher level of availability.

9. Another reason why Network Solutions is the best Joomla hosting company is because of their honesty as it pertains to uptime guarantee. This company tells customers upfront about the uptime which applies for UNIX and Windows platforms.

10. Network Solutions offers support and help to customers 24/7 via email, ticket system, live chat and phone. Their support center also offers support through FAQs, community forums, knowledgebase and video tutorials.



Network Solutions services are backed by over 30 years of experience, so it’s obvious that this provider know what it takes to become the best Joomla hosting company. This company has the longevity and stability to satisfy the needs of all customers.

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