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Top 10 Reasons Why LunarPages is the Best JSP Hosting Company

Lunarpages company was established in 2000 after Add2Net Corporation introduced shared hosting solutions as part of their expanded services. With years of offering exceptional service, customers can benefit from rock solid platforms for web hosting.

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Below you can find the top 10 reasons why Lunarpages is the best JSP hosting company:

1. Lunarpages offers competitive pricing for JSP hosting with a cost of $4.95 monthly for each domain or sub-domain. In case you are not aware of this, Java Server Pages or JSP is a technology that is used to control the content or look of web pages using servlets. The servlets are actually small programs specified in web pages and run on servers to change the web-pages before they are viewed by visitors.

2. Lunarpages ensures that they offer top JSP hosting service by hiring skilled and qualified technicians who know all about JSP protocols and the company’s servers. To deliver faster servlets and JSP, Lunarpages utilizes Resin which is a cutting-edge application. This technology is powerful than servlet engines like Mod_PHP and Mod_Perl. So, customers are provided with faster JSP downloads as well as more design features and options.

3. The JSP technology used by Lunarpages includes Javamail apps to deliver direct email; JavaServer Standard Tag Library with all the basic functions to reduce costly hand coding and MySQL Connector to ensure that database sync seamlessly with JSP technology.

4. LunarPages is ranked as the # 1 JSP hosting company because they offer the leading infrastructure in the industry that is designed with top-grade equipment such as Cisco, Dell and Sun Network Devices. In addition to using high-quality equipment, this company implements an Active Response Protocol to monitor the system for outages and attacks 24/7.

5. This company has state-of-the-art datacenter facilities in Los Angeles, California to provide customers with maximum security, redundancy, safety, technology, reliability and scalability. LunarPages also have an internal gigabit network fiber that is multi backboned with Cable & Wireless, Mzima Networks, Global Crossing, Verio/NTT and Genuity.

6. Perhaps the main reason why LunarPages is rated as the best JSP hosting company is because of their continued commitment to guarantee customer satisfaction. With advanced system programmers and top rated support staff available 24/7, customers are always guaranteed a higher level of support.

7. Lunarpages offers unlimited web hosting with packages featuring unlimited disk space, domains, bandwidth and much more. The company provides Java enabled hosting with 350, 000 MB Storage and 3500 GB of Data Transfer.

8. Lunarpages use their custom LPCP control panel to reduce operation costs. Therefore, customers are able to benefit from savings with the use of this new control panel.

9. Customer support is provided by Lunarpages through toll free telephone for technical support, sales and network status updates; limited support via international phone number; community forum; email for pre-sales; blog; wiki; newsletter; Twitter and Facebook. 24/7 support is available through helpdesk.

10. Lunarpages offers 99.9% uptime and 30 day money back guarantee without conditions and questions.



Overall, Lunarpages is the best JSP hosting company for providing customers with top-level support as well as the use of proactive protocols to ensure that websites are always available online. Besides that, their high-performance datacenter provides customers with peace of mind which most hosting providers are unable to offer in this industry.

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