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Top 10 Reasons Why IX Web Hosting is the Best Linux Hosting Company

IX Web Hosting was established in 1999 to provide top quality hosting services for personal websites and businesses of all sizes. They host over 494,000 domains and is currently ranked as the best provider of Linux hosting solutions.


Here are the top 10 reasons why IX Web Hosting is the best Linux hosting company:

1. IX Web Hosting solutions include unique offerings like the unlimited pro plan which is one of the reasons why they are rated as the best company. Customers who choose this plan can get 15 IP address and a host of add-ons.

2. When it comes to features, IX Webhosting definitely knows how to make things easier for clients. The hosting plans come with unlimited domains, free domain registrations, unlimited data transfers, free site builder, PHP, CGI-BIN, Perl, ASP, Java, Cold Fustion, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and much more.

3. Now, there is nothing better than to get a zero risk guarantee offer from a company that is ranked as the top Linux hosting service provider. Unlike other providers, IX Web Hosting is offering hosting completely free. With a 7 day trial offer, anyone who is looking for top-class Linux hosting can try the service for one week without losing a cent.

4. IX Linux hosting plans are packed with advanced features and freebies for a low price monthly. With three plans to choose from customers can benefit from real value for money. IX host certainly stands out with the length of time that is given for subscriptions.

5. Customers of IX Web Hosting can become a member of huge community with more than 110,000 customers. They can make use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and online success tools with detailed video tutorials.

6. There is no question that IX Web Hosting is the # 1 Linux hosting company when it comes to reliability and uptime. This reliable hosting provider offer premium customer support, 99.9% uptime and have a private data center with Tier 3 n+1 redundant systems.

7. IX Web Hosting uses HShpere control panel which offers an interface with simple icons for various administrative tasks. This control panel is similar to cPanel, so customers can also take advantage many rich features and application installer scripts.

8. IX Web Hosting customer support is one of the things which helps them to stand out as the best Linux hosting company. With a support team that is highly reliable, customers get 24/7 support through hotlines and live chat. Both the live chat and hotlines are given top ratings by customers.

9. New customers of IX Web Hosting can gain access to all the tools and resources that is needed for them to create their own website. This company provides customers with tutorials which are user-friendly and easy to understand, so they can build websites and gain knowledge of other web related matters.

10. IX Web Hosting takes pride in using cutting-edge technology to ensure that they able to satisfy the growing demands of customers. Some of the technology includes IX custom control & provisioning systems; Enterprise Blades and SANs; Citrix Xen Server and more. Unlike other providers, customers of IX Web Hosting don’t have to share resources.



IX web hosting is the best Linux hosting company for their exceptional support, low prices, reliability, advanced features and much more.

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