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Top 10 Reasons Why CoolHandle Offer the Best cPanel Hosting

CoolHandle company has been offering professional web hosting, dedicated servers and virtual private servers services since 2001. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and they also offer green web hosting. CoolHandle is rated as the best cPanel hosting company.

coolhandle Top 10 Reasons Why CoolHandle Offer the Best cPanel Hosting

 The following will highlight the top 10 reasons why CoolHandle offer the best cPanel hosting:

  1. CoolHandle is offering value for money with an affordable starter hosting plan that is packed with features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, MySQL databases and more. There is also the business and pro-level plans available for attractive prices for customers with more needs.
  2. As the # 1 cPanel hosting company, CoolHandle customers are provided with easy to use control panels that can be customized to suit their requirements. This gives customers the opportunity to implement specific features and addons. Besides that, CoolHandle offers Fantastico with cPanel hosting so that customers can install more than 50 web applications easily with only a few clicks.
  3. CoolHandle cPanel hosting also provides convenient links to search engine optimization tools, Google, link building services and Google Map Listings. This company provides everything so customers don’t have to search all over to find add-on services.
  4.  This company provides a number of options for customer support. This includes 24/7 toll free telephone number, live chat and email. CoolHandle also have a pretty good knowledge base with a wealth information for customers.
  5. CoolHandle VPS service offer a control panel called OpenVZ. With the Linux container software, customers have access to OS level virtualization for better usage of resource. In addition, all the server containers provide burstable memory usage and rates for performance scalability in real-time.
  6. Another reason why this company is rated for offering top cPanel hosting service is because of the variety of add-on features as well as languages that they provide for better account management. This includes Perl, PHP5, Python, FrontPage, Ruby on Rails, free scripts and much more. Customers who have services and products to sell can take advantage of the e-commerce solutions.
  7. Perhaps the most prominent technology that CoolHandle provide would be the CloudFlare or cloud-based CDN feature. This content delivery network service allows customers to add CDN services easily to their websites.
  8. CoolHandle is also known for offering reliable hosting services. This company ensures that customers benefit the highest reliability with the use of secure data center facilities with modern equipment and specialized technicians. Other features include multiple power sources, Intel processors and complete data security.
  9. Customers who choose the best cPanel hosting company get 30 day money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee for hosting plans.
  10. CoolHandle also uses renewable energy sources to run their facilities. This company is able to offer green hosting because they invest in renewable energy credits from sources in America. CoolHandle has upgraded the data center facilities to use green energy in order to reduce overall costs.



CoolHandle Hosting is offering affordable solutions for everyone. Based on the variety of features and add-ons, plus the overall ratings from customers, it’s easy to understand why they are rated as the best cPanel hosting company.

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