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Top 10 Reasons Why Bluehost is Best Fantastico Hosting Company

BlueHost web hosting company has been providing services from 1996. Today, they are well-known for offering affordable and reliable web hosting solutions including the best Fantastico hosting plans.

bluehost Top 10 Reasons Why Bluehost is Best Fantastico Hosting Company

 Below you can find the top 10 reasons why Bluehost is the best Fantastico hosting company:

1. BlueHost Fantastico hosting stands out from others because they are true to their word when it comes to offering unlimited bandwidth transfer, disk space, domain add-ons and the most reliable MySQL database. The company’s Fantastico packages are great for new webmasters, developers and businesses.

2. BlueHost has the latest cPanel on Linux control panel server which comes packed with many advanced features. All the navigation menus are user-friendly with the normal options for configurations, web-based file manager, Page-Wizard and powerful Simple Scripts/Fantastico Script.

 3. This company is also the top Fantastico hosting service provider because they offer hosting plans which includes free installation, instant setup and pre-loaded script installer. Customers who install BlueHost Fantastico script can take advantage of the best features and excellent technical support.

4. Even though the free domain is not a specific WordPress offer, this is a welcome bonus. This offers a convenient way for customers to organize their content, site and domain in a single account without having to worry about registration and so on.

5. BlueHost plans start at $6.95 monthly, which makes them a great choice for website hosting (You can get LOWER price through this discount link), WordPress hosting and Fantastico hosting. Add this to the fact that Bluehost is the # 1 Fantastico hosting company with an intuitive WordPress interface, one cannot ask for a better company for a personal or business site. They also promise to release new WordPress updates within 24 hours which will provide customers with even more power.

6. This company also offers many promotions with the hosting plans. This includes Free PR Web credits, Yahoo Marketing credits, Google Adwords credits and much more. These promotions definitely allow customers to get more when they sign up for Bluehost hosting solutions.

7. Bluehost’s anytime money back guarantee is also one of the reasons why they are ranked as the best hosting provider. They are among few providers that will allow customers to get refund based on pro-rated system.

8. When it comes to customer service, BlueHost is consistently ranked high among independent review sites and customers. They provide customers with 24 hours support via toll free phone that has proven to be an award-winning service. Customers can also get help from the support team using a sophisticated ticket tracking system.

9.  Price value is definitely one of the main reasons why Bluehost is the best Fantastico hosting company. Customers can benefit from great prices and high-quality hosting plans. For an affordable price, Bluehost is also offering more features like web-based emails, Agora Shopping Cart, site builder, Ruby on Rails, and more.

10. BlueHost also have top-grade servers and infrastructure in a data center that is monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability and security. Some of the features include backup systems; redundant diesel/UPS backup generator Opteron Quad Processor and much more. BlueHost customers are not affected by downtime and the high-quality redundant systems ensure that data is available at all times.



Based on the positive reviews, it’s obvious that Bluehost is ranked as the best Fantastico hosting company for many reasons. This just goes to show that they are doing something right!

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