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Top 10 Property and Interior Stylists in 2019

Making a home look appealing in terms of design is one task that you may not be able to carry out on your own trying to put together all the items around in a perfect way. Such is the reason why the role of property and interior stylist can hardly be ignored. However, you need to hire the services of a professional to help take the appearance of your home to another level. This post will help to show you some of the best property and interior stylists in 2019. These are top professionals that have made positive impressions on their clients.

1 Sibella Court

Sibella Court is the best interior stylist in Australia, and the work she has been able to execute in the past perfectly shows it all. She has been in the interior design industry for over 20 years making various homes look attractive through her magical touch. She has been able to make an indelible impression as one of the best in the world through the venues in Sidney that she has managed to handle in the past. With a follower group of around 11,650 on Facebook, there is no doubt that she has in-depth knowledge about interior design.

Sibella Court interior design samples

2 Tahnee Carroll

Tahnee Carroll is also one of the best that you can look up to for inspiration in the field of interior design. One of the best parts about her designs is that they are unique in lots of regards, thereby giving homes a different feel and look. She is from Australia and understands what it takes to make any home look appealing. The finishing touch she added to her two bedrooms flat in Marrickville is a typical demonstration of her expertise. Her followers on Instagram are 15,700.

Tahnee Carroll interior design samples

3 Carlyle Designs

Jordan Carlyle has proven to be one of the best interior stylists around, not only in the United States but also around the world. He is even planning to diversify his skills in other aspects of the home, such as furniture collection. Very few interior stylists can boast of the number of followers (31,800) Carlyle has been able to get over the years on a popular platform such as Instagram.

Carlyle Designs interior design samples

4 David Collins

David Collins runs the popular David Collins Studio in the United Kingdom. He has been able to handle lots of residential and commercial projects. Some of the most popular are the three projects (hospitality) which he was awarded in 2018. David Collins is one stylist who has been able to redefine the world of architectural design by adding some creative twists to how every modern home should look like. He has 49,600 followers on Instagram.

David Collins interior design samples

5 Elizabeth Metcalfe

Elizabeth Metcalfe is a popular Canadian designer who has been able to stand out over the years through her cause for simplicity without attractiveness being compromised. In 2018, she won the International Property Awards and Canadian Property Awards. These are landmarks that have been able to underline her high level of expertise and professionalism. She has 52,100 followers on Instagram.

Elizabeth Metcalfe interior design samples

6 Nicole Rosenberg

Nicole Rosenberg is a designer based in Melbourne. Her high level of creativity when it comes to interior designs that can raise eyebrows is second to none. This is perhaps, why most people consider her designs to be magical and highly impressive. Nicole Rosenberg operates liberty interior on Instagram, which has 82,400 followers. This implies that you are safe in hiring her expertise.

Nicole Rosenberg interior design samples

7 Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an American interior designer and has proven to be vastly experienced when it comes to making homes which look ordinary appear elegant. She has worked with celebrities such as Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. Although her services may not come cheap, there is no doubt that you will be getting good value for money. Very few designers understand how to combine colors in various environments to get that impeccable appearance like Kelly. Her Instagram followers are 651,600.

Kelly Wearstler interior design samples

8 Sarah Ellison

Sarah Ellison doesn’t just have vast knowledge about interior designs as she also understands the fashion world perfectly. This is perhaps why she has been able to get lots of clients over the years not only from Australia but also outside of it. Her works in recent years aren’t unique but also very inspiring in lots of regards. In case you are a fan of bold interiors, ensure to join her group of followers on Instagram, which totals about 40,000.

Sarah Ellison interior design samples

9 Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is great when it comes to making the difference in the designs of both residential and commercial projects. He is from France and has been very successful over the years, creating designs that will, later on, turn out to be cult objects. He has got an oyster farm located on the southern parts of France where he tends to spend most of his time. There are 154k followers on his Instagram account, which is very impressive despite his rather critical views on the roles of social media websites.

Philippe Starck interior design samples

10 Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is one of those professionals who have managed to represent their countries very well on the global stage. He is from the Netherlands and has proven to be one of the best with some top skills when it comes to making vibrant and elegant projects. His interior design touches are completely magical, which is why he has 91,600 followers on Instagram.

Marcel Wanders interior design samples

Criteria for choosing interior stylists

The following factors are the basis for which the above stylists have been chosen:

This has been taken into serious consideration in trying to identify some of the most popular property and interior stylists. It looks at the clients they have worked with in the past.

This was also considered, and it was based on the reviews about projects that have been handled in the past. For instance, some interior stylists have helped in transforming homes of top celebrities.

This implies that the rate at which an interior stylist is known by various people all over the world. It could be on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook.