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Top 10 Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Types for a More Unique Proposal

What is the most important thing in the engagement ring? Most of the girls, if it is not all of them, stay most of their lives waiting for the moment in which they will hear the most famous and beautiful question which is  “Will you marry me?”, but these romantic words do not usually come alone as they are accompanied by the Engagement Ring. The most important thing in the engagement ring is the diamond stone, its size and clarity that dazzle anyone once s\he sees it. What will you say when you know that the engagement rings can come without this diamond stone that you used to see and hope to get? The diamond stones are the most famous, popular and desirable type of precious stones that are used for adorning the engagement rings but this does not mean that they are the only stones that are used in engagement rings. You can find other gemstones in the engagement rings and they are still catchy and not less elegant than those traditional diamond rings. Here is a diversity of gemstones that are used for creating fascinating engagement rings.

♦ Sapphire: Sapphire is also made of corundum like rubies and is deep blue in its color. It is available in other colors such as green and pink. It comes in two varieties which are natural and lab created sapphires. It has been used for centuries for adorning engagement rings and it is enough to see it in the engagement ring that Kate Middleton wears.

♦ Emerald: It is one of the most famous and valuable precious stones that are used for adorning jewelry. The most common color for emerald is green but there are rare emerald stones that come in the red color. Emerald is available in two varieties which are real and synthetic emerald stones. Real emerald stones are used for creating fascinating engagement rings. Emerald stones must be oiled periodically to stay shiny and catchy.

♦ Ruby: It is made of corundum and comes in the red color. It is used for creating countless pieces of jewelry which are known for their breathtaking beauty. Fine quality ruby is deep red and is used as a dazzling center stone in many engagement rings.

♦ Topaz: The purest topaz is colorless and is made of fluorine and aluminum. The impurities that can be found in the stone create different colors such as blue, pink, green, yellow, brown, gray, orange and other colors that make the stone perfect for creating elegant and catchy engagement rings.

♦ Mother of pearl: It consists of organic materials and inorganic substances which are produced by mollusks. Pearls are available in a diversity of colors such as white, pink, gray, blue, brown, black and more colors that can make the engagement ring more fascinating. Pearls have a smooth and shiny surface and using them for creating different pieces of jewelry was more common in the past than it is now. Pearl is the birthstone of June.

♦ Amethyst: This purple stone is made of quartz and is also available in other tints such as blue and red. It comes in two varieties; one of them is real while the other one is synthetic and it is difficult to tell the differences between both of them. Amethyst is the birthstone of February.

♦ Citrine: Most of the citrine stones are lab created and treated with heat. The color of citrine stones ranges from pale to vivid or bright yellow. The stones can also be found in brown color that comes in different shades.

♦ Moonstone: It has been used for centuries to create elegant pieces of jewelry. It is made of feldspar and comes in a diversity of colors such as white, green, gray, pink, blue, brown and more colors that allow you to choose what suits your taste.

♦ Opal: It is a semi-precious stone that is related in its form to quartz and is available in a wide variety of colors. There are opal stones that have more than one color and this is because of the several minerals that can be found inside the stone. It is difficult to find two opal stones which are identical and have exactly the same features and colors and this means creating different and unique engagement rings using the same type of stones. It is thought that opal needs to be soaked in water in order not to become dry and develop cracks, but in fact this is not required as the moisture that opal absorbs from the human skin is enough for protecting opal from becoming dry.

♦ Aquamarine: It is a light blue gemstone that is created of crystalline mineral beryl and is widely used for adorning different pieces of jewelry. This gemstone is not desirable like other types of stones that are used for adorning engagement rings such as sapphire and ruby but it is still used for creating fascinating pieces of jewelry for those who like this color.

Make sure that gemstone which you choose is durable and suitable for everyday wear