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Top 10 Latest Trends in Marketing Strategies

Selling is the world’s highest-paid profession. It has been such since the economic boom in developed countries all over the world, like that in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey. As modern technologies are getting more modern every day new trends based on the new technologies penetrate every sector of life, starting from the daily routines of lay people to science and education. Marketing is one where sweeping changes are witnessed as technology is reforming supply and demand.

Among the marketing trends that we can see changing every day (as of MyFunnelEmpire) are the methods of advertising, with the social networking websites providing wide-reaching platforms. Let us see what else will be reformed in these trends in the next years.

10 Digital Marketing

One of the most recent and efficient trends in marketing is digital. With the number of internet users increasing every day, digital marketing is increasing its scope and power as well. Companies and manufacturers use social media as the major means and they compete in creating the most catchy ad whatever the media used is.

9 Content Creation

As we alluded above, advertising is the number one trend in marketing that witnessed and will continue to witness changes. The focus of advertising in the digital arena is on two things, media and content. The later even created a profession under the title “content creator.” Unlike writers, content creators in advertising should be able to think creatively and implement this thinking in the form of an attractive ad.

8 User Experience

There is a futuristic shift from the price-product balance trend to the user experience trend. So instead of looking at how to offer customers the best price so that they like the service or product the company offers; the competition will be over making their experience with the product the most comforting.

7 Customer Engagement

To analyze how much users are interacting with a service or are affected by a product, companies employ web analytics on their websites. The number of shares, likes, tweets, and Google +1 is their complimentary gauging tool.

6 Media agencies

Since it is all about digital marketing now, or most of it at least; then Media companies are going to play the starring role.

5 Customers Needs Tailored

The way marketing target the collective mind will change completely. This trend has already and you can see it in the ads of many companies; saying their services are tailored specifically for you. This will be real and on a wider scale. A lot of work!

4 Meeting Vendors Needs

What is focused on now in marketing and commerce is how to meet the needs of customers. Vendors are the ones who do this. So what about them? Some say that they are the cogs of the marketing wheels. This point view undergoes changes and attention will be more focused on satisfying vendors’ needs so that they are able to reach their optimum and customers, in turn, will be well-served.

3 Branding

It is now a common trend to spread your logo everywhere. People see it most of the time on TVs, in the internet and in bulletin boards in the streets. Instead of focusing on logos, the focus will be on the concept behind it and how to make users understand it, live it, and love it. In a nutshell, branding will be more mental.

2 Buying Online

In many of the developed countries, buying online stands side by side to buying in person from markets. It will continue to thrive until it becomes the number one method of buying. To reach this state, companies are working with marketing procurements and of greatest examples are the Affiliate Program.

1 Transparency

This would be the most efficient of all trends as it is built on truth. Being true to your customers is what will get them to you since fictional stories intended to take their money are still commonplace.

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