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Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles

Everybody is getting ready to get back to school for once again. It is a new year, new friends, and a whole new experience. We all love when everything is new. However, novelty comes with its downsides too because we stress ourselves out, trying to look and feel our best. As girls, we have a lot to take care of, including matching and mixing to come up with new outfits, wearing the right make-up, putting on the perfect shoes, and doing our hair nicely. Too many things on the list, but we have got you covered.

We are going to take off the last thing on the list, doing your hair, and will provide you with some of the easiest and simplest hairstyles. Why? Because we know that nice hairdos make us incredibly confident. There are sometimes when everything looks perfect, but the hair? It just strips us of our self-confidence. So, let us all avoid the dilemma of washing and doing our hairs every day. The following styles will help you stay on the track of trendiness and look as presentable as possible on your first day all the same.

1 Loose Curls

We can’t agree more on how those curls give us that bombshell look. And we know that they are not always easy to get. If you have the time and patience, you may get those curls without using any heat. You will need sulfate-free products, and ditch the shampoo for good. This way, you encourage your natural curls to be defined and look perfect. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or your hair is not naturally curly, you may need to use heat. However, you don’t have to get a curling iron; your flat iron can do it if used correctly.

school hairstyles Loose Curls Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 1

school hairstyles Loose Curls 2 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 2

2 The Wet Look

Before you freak out about this one, we have seen celebrities pulling off this hairstyle on the red carpet. And, guess what? They rocked the wet look. You will realize that it is now called “Out of the Pool Glam” as you look like you literally got out of a pool and headed to school right away. All you need to do after showering is to let your hair dry on its own. Add some mousse and scrunch it every once in a while. We guarantee you will have a different yet incredible appearance. PS. This style actually works best if your hair happens to be short.

School hairstyles The Wet Look 1446746731 gettyimages 454340174 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 3

School hairstyles The Wet Look 2 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 4

3 A Cute Bun & A Bow

Buns are fun and cute. They add that feminine flair that we all linger for. Above and beyond, it is one of the easiest ways to wear your hair in. So, we encourage you to brush your back and tease it into a lustrous bun on your first day to school. For adding even more cuteness to your already cutie look, pull down a few strands from the front. Finish the style by adding a nice looking bow and get ready to rock your first day at school.

school hairstyles Bun and Bow Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 5

school hairstyles Bun and Bow 2 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 6

4 A High Ponytail

Can this style get any easier or simpler? Well, hoisting your hair up into a high ponytail is too classic, but it gives you a quick and casual appearance, not to mention that letting your sleek long hair slip into either side of your head is quite attractive. It is easy and perfect on those days when you are in a hurry. However, you can still pull it off on your first day.

school hairstyles High Ponytail Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 7

school hairstyles High Ponytail 2 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 8

5 Rope Braid Ponytail

If you are looking for ways to go beyond putting your hair in a classic ponytail, we have got you covered. Rope braid ponytail adds just a twist to your regular ponytail, and it is easier than it looks. First, make sure your hair is free of any tangles and, preferably, add some hairspray, so you give a wide berth to the frizz and the flyways. Now, put your hair into a ponytail and separate it into two sections. Grab each section and twist around, both in the same direction. Now, that the two sections are twisted in a rope-like shape, intersect them together just like you braid your hair. Secure your hair from the end and enjoy your interesting hairstyle.

school hairstyles Rope Braid Ponytail Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 9

school hairstyles Rope Braid Ponytail 2 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 10

6 Half Hair Up in a Knot

This hairstyle has been around for some time now, and it is cute. Doing a messy bun less messily is a great way to wear your hair. However, you now need to leave some of your hair down for a perfect hairstyle. Grab some of your hair, from the front section, and create a top knot while leaving the rest of your hair down. You can watch tutorials so that you can shape up your bun perfectly.

school hairstyle Half Hair Up in a Knot Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 11

school hairstyles Half Hair Up in a Knot Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 12

7 Criss-Cross Hairstyle

Twisting and intersecting the strands of your hair can result in something so cool if done correctly. So, here is one more style that looks a bit complicated, but is easy to do, the criss-cross hairstyle. Grab some strands from the front of your hair, on both sides, and pull them back to your head. Make sure they are quite tightly pulled. Now, secure both sections together with an elastic band; a relatively small one though, you don’t want it to show through your trendy style. Afterward, repeat the same step for as long as you wish. You can stop at any point along the way. If you choose to go all the way down, you will end up with a truly nice looking braid. It may look too complicated to do, but once you get grips of it, you will realize how a piece of cake it is.

8 A Twist Finely Braided

Most of the cool hairstyles involve a braid, but not just a regular one, but a braid with a nice twist. This time, it is the other way around. You are going to do a twist and braid it all the way down. As usual, you are going to start with the hair at the front part. Pull two sections into two different braids on each side. While braiding your way down, you will slowly incorporate the two sections to form one thick braid that sits elegantly at the back of your head.

hairstyles two braids into one Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 13

two braids into one Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 14

9 Bouffant

Fluffy hair grabs the attention, especially when it is done nicely. Don’t be afraid to experiment new cuts with your hair and to get this style; we recommend that you have nice bangs over your forehead. Let your bangs down with a couple of thin strands on each side. Now, take your hair and pile it over your head and you are ready to go. Enjoy the pretty style that accentuates your facial features.

vintage hairstyles bouffant shutterstock e1528952345806 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 15

bouffant volume sixties retro hairstyle half updo teased Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 16

10 Two Buns with a Space in Between

You read that right; it is exactly what you are going to do, but with the addition of a braid. Divide your hair equally into two sections and pull each one in a high ponytail. Braid each side, just like you do a regular braid and secure the ends. You can skip using elastic bands if you wish because the buns will secure them anyway. Now, pull each section up into a bun and secure them with bobby pins, as much as you feel your bun is safe in. That’s it!

two high braided buns 2 Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 17

two high braided buns Top 10 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles - 18

Go ahead and enjoy your first days at school, looking as trendy and cool as ever.

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