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Top 10 Most Mysterious People in the History

If you have a detective-like inclination, passion for mystery and love for tracking the unknown then you got in the right place to quench your thirst a bit, if it could be ever quenched. The following list includes the names of some people who puzzled us, and some whom we do not know even their names.

10 The Man with the Mask

In 1703 king Louis XIV ordered that a man be imprisoned in Bastille. The strange thing is that no one saw his face as it was covered all the time with a mask. He himself did not allow others to see him or get closer except for the governor, the one he sought to meet. After his death all of his possessions were burned and still nobody was able to see his face.

9 Gil Perez

In Mexico, the year 1593 witnessed the advent of Gil Perez a man who was known for his super powers for seeing future things. He told the Mexicans stories about the places he visited, and they entailed that he can travel across countries in seconds! He told them about the death of the Philippine king he died 2 month before the townspeople get the news.

8 Count St Germain

St Germain was a man who lived life fully; he was a musician, artist, scientist and a mysterious human being. He went all over the world travelling that he was called Polish, Spaniard, English and finally a gentleman. However, nobody knew his origin and why he was called a gentleman. Though he married a wealthy woman, he did not settle. St. Germain took her jewelry and fled to Constantinople and since then he was unheard of.

7 Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper, known as D.B. Cooper was the kind of man who used his professional training for his own benefit. When he received a ransom of about $ 200.000, he used a parachute to jump from the plane. The police could not trace him at the time, but they used the money serial to detect his location.

6 Fulcanelli

Alchemist and author known publicly as Fulcanelli was a completely mysterious character. It was said that he was part of the group who put the basis for the nuclear weapons in Germany during the Second World War. The strangest of all stories recounted that while he was getting older he continued to look younger day after another. The alchemist!

5 Kasper Hauser

As a child, Kasper Hauser was kept in custody day and night away from any light. He was not able to make any contacts with anybody either. It is thought that the boy was abducted because he was a relative to prince Baden. He was then released by a man he did not know.

4 The Babushka Lady

In 1963 John Kennedy was assassinated, a well-known fact, right? The new piece of information is in the movie that continued to be aired on this incident. In it, a lady with a head cover resembling that of the Russian babushka was standing not so far away from Kennedy’s car holding a camera. When everybody else left, she continued to film the incident. Police did not manage to know who she was.

image Top 10 Most Mysterious People in the History
babushka-lady Top 10 Most Mysterious People in the History
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3 The Poe Toaster

Edgar Alan Poe, was a famous and talented author who died a century ago. Every year on Poe’s birthday a mysterious visitor passes by and puts a bottle of wine and flowers over his tomb. It is not known whether he is a man or woman as he is always covering the face.

2 Chouchani

Chouchani was a a well-known Jewish teacher who was teaching science, mathematics and Talmud. Still, nobody knew anything about his origins. He left no books or papers but his students called him the master.

1 The Green Kids

In the 12th century two children with green skin were seen in Woolpit. After they were able to speak English the children said that they were from St. Martin’s land where they saw no sun.

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