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Everyone Loves These 10 Musicians

The best about music is that she has no words to speak with, yet it is the tool of some great minds to express their own ups and downs. Excellent musicians of all ages were able to make you feel this concept, to hear music talking to you and feel it gripping your hand to show you green lawns.

Any instrument can take us up high but it is about the one who is performing. The following are the most loved musicians of all time.

10 William Hung

Mainly a Chinese-American, Hung managed, though is still a young musician, to gain fame. His music reflects the hardships that Asians live everyday in America. For this sole reason he was opposed by a number of people for putting Asians in a specific stereotype that they fight to dispense from.

9 Michael Jackson

A very famous musician who used to caught attention for his clothes and plastic surgeries; but still Jackson was called the King of Pop in his lifetime. Jackson was a singer and used to write songs himself as well as acting and producing the. Though he used to be a controversial character, he got honored many times and loved by a huge number of fans.

8 Louis Armstrong

The very first jazz singer to come to the fore of public considerations, Louis Armstrong influenced Jazz music during his lifetime. He became famous in the 1920s, as a result of his charismatic character. It is important to mention that being a black in America was a minor issue with Armstrong, just to see how much his music was covering everything else.

7 Elvis Presley

Presley carved his name as the “king of rock ‘n roll.” He used to be a singer and actor and his way to fame was never easy. Presley had tried dozens of times to get discovered by Sun recording music but failed, until he finally got what he dreamed of. As a solo artist, Elvis Presley was the best selling artist during his life.

6 Bob Marley

Bob Marley is an American singer and songwriter whose name became an international landmark. Marley was a supporter. Marley’s music is as famous today as it used to be during his time. Politically, he was known as a supporter of the Rastafari movement.

5 The Rolling Stones

A rock band that rose to fame in London in the 1960s. Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Bill Wyman. They were the number one band that spread their songs from their home to U.S thus achieving international fame. As an aside, they caught attention for the common feature they all share, namely tall hair!

4 The Beatles

The Fab Four called Beatles were an English rock band that came out of Liverpool in the 1960s. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are those four that carved their name in the rock music. The “Beatlemania” is the trend that was so famous at the time that every one followed them.

3 Bob Dylan

The spokesman of his generation, Dylan was a singer and a songwriter who made songs that used to be the anthems of his generation. He represented in his songs the social conflicts that were common in the sixties. He declared this himself saying that he is into music that expresses “despair” and “triumph” as well as ” deeper feelings”

2 Ludwig Van Beethoven

A composer and Pianist who lived in Germany, Beethoven did an amazing work in pushing music from the classical era to the the romantic one.

1 Bach

Johannes Sebastian Bach is one of the best composers of all ages. Bach was born and lived in the end of 17th and beginning of 18th century. Bach’s family was making a living out of music. He was known as an organist and was known as a creative composer during his lifetime for his inclusion of different music styles.

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