Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

It is one of the necessities in our life to have a suitable place to live in. All what we need is a home that protects us and offers the comfort that we need. However, you can find some homes which are extraordinary and costly. The high and imaginative prices of those homes are determined by their sizes, fittings, materials and the place in which they are located. There are homes that cost more than billion dollars which are enough for solving many problems in our world like starvation. To help you to know more about those homes we present to you the 10 most expensive houses in the whole world to find yourself among luxurious homes that provide all the amenities and facilities for those who stay in them to live a royal and luxurious life.

10.Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey ($139 Million)

This amazing palace is situated in Windlesham neighborhood in England. It includes 103 rooms and all the requirements that you may need in your life to live a luxurious life such as bowling alley, private cinema, horse stables, squash and tennis courts and a marble path with a parking space that is large enough for parking eight limousines.

9.The Spelling Manor , Los Angeles – ($150 Million)

This mansion is located in Los Angeles. It features facilities such as 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, a gift-wrapping room, a bowling alley, a beauty salon, a parking space that can accommodate 100 cars, a silver storage room, tennis courts, swimming pools, beauty salon, barber shop, spa, garden in the front yard, rooftop garden and a screening room.

spelling-manor-extravaganzi Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

8.The Pinnacle Montana – ($155 Million)

It is situated in “Yellowstone Club” which is allocated just for billionaires for practicing golf and ski. The house is provided with 10 bedrooms, heated flooring in the whole house to fight the cold weather, fireplaces even in bathrooms, wine cellar, swimming pools, gym and massage room. In spite of having all of these amenities, this house is considered to be small if it is compared to the other houses in this list.

pinnacle Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World
The-Pinnacle_A-Comfortable-Place Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

7. Elena Franchuk Victorian Villa – ($161 Million)

This white villa is located in Belgravia, Central London and is possessed by Musa Salem who is a Lebanese developer. It consists of six floors and includes many facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, gym, home theater and garage room.

6.Hearst Mansion – ($165 Million)

The mansion is situated in Beverly Hills next to Jeff Bezos, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham. It consists of 6 separate residences, 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools, 8 fireplaces, a tennis court and a nightclub. The mansion is possessed by Leonard Ross who works as a lawyer.

beverly-hills Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

5. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons – ($170 Million)

It is situated in The Hamptons, New York. The home consists of the main building in addition to other outbuildings to make it a very big place to live in. The house offers many facilities such as 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, bowling alley, squash and tennis courts.

fairfield. Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

4. Penthouse, One Hyde Park – ($200 Million)

It is not a palace or a mansion, but in fact, it is a flat. This luxurious flat is located in Hyde Park, Central London. The flat includes many amenities which are necessary for a luxurious and secured life such as panic rooms, bulletproof windows, iris scanners, a secret tunnel for escaping, spas, squash courts and wine tasting rooms.

PHD-formal-reception Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

3. Villa Leopolda – ($506 Million)

It is the third most expensive home in the world that is located on the French Riviera, France. It offers many facilities such as a swimming pool, 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms garden, swimming pool, private beach front, sporting courts and a bowling alley.

villa_leopolda Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

2. Antilla Mumbai – $1 Billion (1,000,000,000 dollars)

It is the second most expensive home in the world which costs one billion dollars. It is located in Mumbai, India and is possessed by the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. It is an extraordinary home that looks like a tower as it  consists of 27 floors and it seems that each floor is allocated for a specific purpose and use. The home is provided with all the facilities and amenities that are needed to live a royal life as it includes home theater, roof gardens, car service center, huge garage consists of six floors which are big enough to accommodate 168 cars, three helicopter pads, top floor dedicated for private residence, gym, library, temple, swimming pool, jacuzzi, bar and nine elevators. 600 persons have been hired to keep the tower clean and serve the family living in that huge building. Do you believe that? (600 persons for serving 6 persons).

Antilla-Mumbai Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World
Antilla Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World
Antilla-Mumbai-Most-Expensive-House Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

1. Gold House, Switzerland ($12 Billion)

Have you been waiting so long for it ? Here you are, the most expensive home in the whole world that costs ($12,000,000,000). Are you shocked? Let’s know what makes it too expensive. From its name the Gold House that is located in Switzerland, It is prepared by using 440,000 pounds of the most precious metals in the world which are gold and platinum. Even the floors are made by using rare materials such as meteoric stones and Dinosaur bones. The home is provided with 8 bedrooms and a garage that can accommodate 4 cars, huge terrace and wine room in the basement.

Gold-house-hero Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World
Visualisierung_Gold_Platin_House Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

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