Top 10 Most Expensive Artifacts in the World

Creativity is the best of what human beings can do. It is a symbolic fact that our minds was created on the top of our bodies; thinking as such should inevitably be the number one priority in our lives as humans. It gives birth to new ideas that have not been there before, ideas that have the potential to solve problems and create change. Using this tool of creation many people got insanely rich and others went to jail and in between a considerable number are living the daily disappointments of the average. And the fair result is that the world always rewards the one who seeks to get the best of his mind and puts its fruits into action. That succinct, that effective!

Financially speaking, the following are some of the top creations that got the highest rewards:

10 Silver Cistern

Sold for 3.8 million dollar, the silver Cistern was made specifically for an official from Berlin, Thomas Wentworth. It was designed and chiseled by Philip Rollo, one of the English brilliant makers.


9 The Giuseppe Violin

Alexander the second used to have in his palace a violin called the Giuseppe Guarneri that after his death was sold for 3.9 million dollars. The violin was sold in Russia in the year 2007. It was mainly unheard of till this big number caught eyes and ears, after all it will need a violinist!


8 The Harrington Commode

Chippendale owns a series of stores that make and sell closets and cabints; but not everyone can buy. Their products would cost million dollars, like this Harrington.It was once one important element of Earl Harrington’s positions. The piece was sold in the year 1770 for 5.8 million dollars.

Lot 69 Harrington commode hi res

7 Diamond Panther Bracelet

Costing about 7 million dollar, The Panther bracelet was designed mainly for The Windsor Duchess as a gift from her husband King Edward VIII in their wedding. It was designed by Cartier, one of the prominent jewelry designers in the world. If you think that the gift is expensive, you have to know that the king was ready to give up his royal title to marry the lady.

Jewels Formerly Owned By The Duchess Of Windsor To Be Auctioned At Sothebys
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The Duchess Of Windsor's Jewels To Be Auctioned At Sothebys
The Duchess Of Windsor's Jewels To Be Auctioned At Sothebys

6 Birds of America Book

James Audubon was an American artist who was lucky enough to create the most expensive book ever made in the whole world. As a naturalist and painter, Audubon mixed his love for birds and art to discover some of America’s unknown type of birds. The book was sold for only $10 million!

AMERICAN MASTERS - John James Audubon: Drawn From Nature

5 Ferrari Testa Rossa

If you are a fan of the Formula 1 competition that is held per annum, you will be finicky in saying what type of care you admire. Though not a racing car, the 250 Testa Rosa was sold for 12 million dollar making it the most expensive car ever sold. The secret behind this expensive cost is the car’s great speed.


4 Der Blaue Wittelsbacher

Der Blaue Wittelsbacher is a blue diamond that was sold for 23.4 million dollar! No wonder as it was owned by a series of different people of royal lineage, though it was mainly a free cameo found in the Indian lands in 1600s .King Philippe IV of Spain bought it in 1664 and gifted it to his wife.

Blauer Wittelsbacher 03

3 Artemis and the Stag

A Roman statue of the Greek goddess of hunting, Artemis, that displays her with her stag was carved in Bronze. The statue was discovered in the 1920s and  presented in an auction for people in love of hunting. It was sold at the time for 28.6 million dollar to be the most expensive statue ever sold.

Met Highlights 01-2 White Court Artemis and the Stag

2 The Dragon Armchair

With inscriptions of dragons, the dragon chair was designed by Eileen Gray, and is considered one of the precious classical pieces of the 1910s. It was sold for 29 million dollars.


1 Qianlong Vase

In China, the Qianlong Vase is made of porcelain and is considered a classical piece as it was crafted in the 18th century. It was sold for a hefty 53 million dollar.

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