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Top 10 Most Effective Persons in the World

The most effective people in the world are the ones who spend their life to change the face of the earth with their achievements. And what they did for us still stuck in our brains for long time. In this list, we will display the top 10 most effective persons in the world.

10 Mark Zuckerberg

With more than billion users over Facebook, the number is increasing every year. Zuckerberg founded the website when he was a student in Harvard, then left college to give it most of his time which paid off few years later. He became the company’s chief executive officer.

9 Angela Merkel

The German chancellor Angela Merkel came to office in 2005. Merkel’s major training was in physical chemistry and she started her political career in the beginning of 1990s after the German revolution.

8 Pele

Pele was a professional football player who scored around 1281 goals. He got these goals in a number of 1363 games. Pele got into Guinness due to this big number of goals and games which most of it went to Santos club.

7 Bill Gates

Away from the fact that Gates is the richest person in the world (it is not about money, you know), Gates has founded his company in his youth and went on reaping world-wide success since then. His charitable attitude, that though dawned upon him late in life, it came so generous that he built a foundation for it and invested billions to cure epidemics in less fortunate parts of the world. He has even created a scholarship for his name in collaboration with Cambridge that brings 20 people every year to this top-notch university. Gates is known for his support to promising projects, commercial and otherwise, like that of Khan Academy and Research Gate. And the list goes beyond our capacity to enumerate!

6 Warren Buffett

The most famous investor in the world and one of the top ten richest persons in the world is Warren Buffett. He used to trade in his teens and tweens. Buffett is a great mind who, because he does not believe in inheritance, pushed his children to be successful on their own. Like Gates, Buffett’s Foundation is giving more of his money to the world.

5 Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey is known as the best self-made woman and the richest of all. In her popular Opera Winfrey Show, Oprah made it public that she was raped when she was a child and became pregnant; however, she endured all these hardships and went to college to carve her name and make a fortune.

4 Abdul Kalam

The previous president of India, Abdul Kalam, used to work diligently early in age in order to be able to get education. Avul Pakir Abdul Kalam, was a physics, aerospace and engineering student at Madras Institute of Technology. In the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the Indian equivalence of NASA, he worked as an aerospace engineer before election for presidency.

3 Stephen Hawking

Theoretical physics was where Hawking’s passion lied since his childhood. He went on making feats in his studies until he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Stephen started using a wheelchair in his twenties on. However, he went on making achievement in Quantum Physics.

2 Steve Jobs

Jobs was born to a man and woman who abandoned him as a baby. Fortunately, he was adopted by a parent were ready to spend all their savings to send him to college. However, Jobs figured other plan his life and dropped out of college to found one of the most successful companies in the modern world, Apple.

1 Nelson Mandela

Mandela was the president of South Africa for five years from 1994 to 1999. Mandela’s best achievement is opposing apartheids in Africa throughout his life. Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and passed away in 2013.

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