Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs Ever

The broad definition of addiction could put you in the same box with addicts. If you are a person who cannot stop doing or using something that is potentially harmful, whether it is a physical or habitual, you are absolutely one. Addiction, however, tended to be related to drugs intakes. Not just hash or heroin but your cup of coffee is a drug as well. These drugs mainly target changing the mind’s chemicals in a way that increases attentiveness or takes you to gratification and keeps you there for the longest time possible. The major agent these drugs play on is creating a habit. Let us check to which habits people turn themselves to slaves.

10 Caffeine

Caffeine is the prevalent drug that most of us consume on a daily basis. We turn to it in coffee and tea and their manufactured variations. Chocolate and cola are also major sources.

9 Hash

Hashish or Hash, is one of the common drugs specially among people with low income all over the world. Hash is mad from a plant called Cannabis and its intake is aided by the hookah, though it is chewed sometimes. Memory and quick learning abilities are the first of mental powers affected by Hash. Our dependency on these drugs is both chemical and psychological, since we have them for the result they have on u.

8 Opium

Opium grows as a flower that contains nearly 91% morphine. Its production is legal in some states like India where they grow 0.1 hectares of it every year. Opium could be used in analgesic production and is widely a major source of addiction.

7 Marijuana

Made of the Cannabis, is a drug that deeply affects the mind and causes addiction upon recurring use. It is important to mention that there are other spiritual uses for it for recreational purposes! The regular intake is known to cause depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

6 Benzodiazepine

One of the common drugs taken to fight anxiety is the Benzodiazepines. As an extremely powerful drug, they are known for their side effects. Known as “oversedation,” the drug causes extreme hypnotic effects that hinder concentration, and increases the of dizziness and nausea.

5 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LAD)

LAD is the drugs that remember us of a stark fact: how we are under the mercy of our biology. Having no color, smell or even taste; LAD people try it would lose sense of time and their whereabouts. A person as result is susceptible to making any crime whatever it may be.

4 Methadone

Used for medical purposes as analgesic, Methadone has the same effects as that of the morphine. A high dose of methadone –larger than 80mg- has side effects among which influencing heart rate. Still when kept to minimum nothing is observed that is why they are used in rehabilitation.

3 Barbiturates

A type of drugs that targets central nervous system in first place, Barbiturates cause anesthesia and sedation. Their hypnotic effect is extremely powerful to the extent of being deadly when overdosed. Any of the tranquillizers or alcohol would have dangerous effects if mixed with the barbiturate drug.

2 Cocaine

Derived from coca plant, Cocaine does its job through stimulating the brain by keeping dopamine trapped a longer period of time between the cells of your brain, called neurons. The effect of sparing this chemical – dopamine – in the brain is that of increasing feeling of pleasure.

1 Heroin

Made from opium, heroine is known for the euphoric effect it leaves on addicts. Even if you have not tried the drug before, having it for just one time will get you addicted to it. Pure heroine is extremely dangerous that is why vendors mix it with other drugs which makes it worse.

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