Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

Centuries ago, listing the most beautiful buildings in the world was such an easy task that you put Taj Mahal and Parthenon on the top and that’s it. Today, with the powerful countries reinventing architecture, that is a tough task.

United States’ buildings used to top lists. The historical Spanish and English influences left US with the Carpenter’s Hall and Massachusetts State House, to include just examples. In the modern time it is no more about just the States. Many Asian countries are ferociously competing. So we are tempted to include such buildings like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and Sound and Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision among others that you can check in the following list.

10 Hashtag Tower

A wholly new and innovative idea is applied by BIG, the Danish architect. As its name says about it, the Hashtag tower is made to look like a hashtag. Like in the picture below 4 pillars are interlocking each other. The tower is one of the best Korean buildings based in the capital Seoul.

9 Elephant Building

The Chang building, as it is called in Thailand is made to look like an elephant and nearly have the same color. In the year 1997, the construction of the tower was finished in Bangkok, the Thai capital.

8 Ren Building

Ren is the building with a concept behind. In the Chinese city of Shangai, this building designed by PLOT is an amazing blend of creative thinking and beautiful vision. Designed to look like the Chinese character Ren that looks like “人”, the building consists of two parts. One is designed for sporting and the other for spiritual enlightenment; the first sets in water and the second on land!

7 The Wave Building

In Denmark, the wave building is the definition of luxury. By the sea, the building is designed to look like a wave and includes 140 apartments for living. The building is located in one of Denmark’s beautiful cities, Vejle.

6 Zigzag Towers

In Qatar, the West Bag Lagoon Plaza is known as the Zigzag tower in Doha. The building consists of 748 apartments that are not intended for living as they are mostly malls, restaurants, and coffee shops.

5 The Longaberger Building

The Longaberger company’s headquarter, in the American Ohio, got itself a creative design. As they specialize in making wood baskets and pottery, they decided to make the company’s building looks like a basket.

4 The Dancing House

In the Czech capital of Prague, the Dancing House is one of the city’s landmarks. It was designed in the year 1992 by Vlado Milunic, a Croatian-Czech architect. The building got its name as the waving structures look like a couple of dancers.

3 Coin Building

The building’s spherical design got it a number of monikers from coin to button and full moon. It is about 330 feet high standing in Abu Dhabi. The building was designed by MZ group of architects.

2 Egg Building

China proves itself to be one of the leading countries in architecture that got to this field recently and taking the lead. It is actually competing US that used to be on top. An example of the Chinese genius is the National Center of Performing Arts is designed to look like an egg. The building’s construction was finished in 2007 in the city of Beijing, where a lake was made specifically to surround the building.

1 Wooden Skyscraper

Michael Green is an engineer who is proposing the idea of building a skyscraper wholly from wood. The idea is underway and the construction of the first wooden skyscraper is yet to be finished.

You can share your vision with us below so mention your country next time!

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