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Top 10 Most Ancient Lost Cities in the World

The effort of archaeologists is rewarded when they experience the euphoria storm that winds at the moment of making a discovery. It is not only about engraving their names in the memory of history, but the pleasure of exploration as well. Yet not every expedition is successful for many ancient cities are lost and hopes are very little to find them again. The following are the top ten list of such cities.

10 Patagonia

Patagonia, variably called the City of Caesars was located in South America. The city was famous for owning a great number of jewelry in gold and silver. The city was the source of many myths in the ancient world like giants inhabiting it and other jennis you see every now and then.


9 Troy

In Turkey was built the city that has boggled the mind of movie directors and authors of romantic and war stories. The legend of Troy has rolled on all over the years over many generations since it took place in the time of Agamemnon. It is known for its powerful troops and ammunition but .. no more. If you visited the site you would hardly be able to imagine Paris over his horse militantly putting someone on his sword, or he was not that tough?

Turkey Troy

8 Petra

Located in Jordan, the beginnings of Petra goes back to the the year 100 BC, the city parallels the Dead city. Circled by the city’s natural mountains, the people used to use it both as a source of protection from enemies and bad weather, and to record their historical events and daily routines. Petra is known for its beauty, no wonder that the architectural beauty they managed to carve played a magnificent role.


7 Z

The Lost City of Z was thought to be located in Brazil. Manuscripts from this city were so few that old voyagers and discoverers depended on words of mouth. However, we have in hand a manuscript from Portugal  says that one of its explorers gone far to see it. Another brave Percy Fawcett was lost following his passion of discovery to solve the mystery of Z.

6 El Dorado

City El Dorado remembers me of all the stories and myths told to children all over history about a city that will yield its gold and treasures to the one who will intelligently find and follow the map. It said to be located in South America, but because it apparently is not on planet earth as a whole, all expeditions to excavate the city whether led to its members getting diseases or meat their deaths.

5 Memphis

Before Thebes, Memphis was the center of the country of Egypt for many years in a row and the biggest city in the ancient world entirely. The knowledge of where Memphis was located was lost to the world for a long time, till in the eighteenth century archaeologists turned to the most famous monuments of nowadays Egypt to study. The three pyramids and the Sphinx ushered the answer.


4 Angkor

In Cambodia, Angkor used to lie before it was abandoned due to the invasion of another powerful empire. The city used to be home for the Buddhist wats but was as a result covered by jungle trees.


3 Pompeii

The Roman Pompeii was covered by the lava of Vesuvius volcano in 79 AD and left its people like sculptures for history.


2 Atlantis

it was Plato who propagated for this mythical city as an advanced Roman city that sank in the sea. Excavations over the years were the major goal of archaeologists studying this city, but it was proved that even great philosophers have their fallacy.


1 Machu Picchu

The greatest myth of all is Machu Picchu in Peru. The best suggestion said it was a resort of the Inca emperor Pachacuti.


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