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Top 10 Most Adventurous Women in the World

Before the modern age, female sex were not described as adventurous or courageous. They were only trying to fight for their rights and many of them still are. When Amelia Earhart came to the public eye as the first woman aviator to cross the Atlantic alone; many women tried to copy her adventurous soul. Though she remained a model for all female generations, contemporary women prove that they are able to accomplish feats and break records as well. The following list shows the top ten of them.

10 Kira Salak

With a PhD in literature, Salak works as a writer who documents her experience as she travels all over the world. She has visited Congo, Libya, Burma, Iran and New Guinea. Her visit to Congo was extremely adventurous as her life was threatened by smugglers.

9 Lara Prior-Palmer

For ten days in a row, Lara managed while still in her 18 to ride for 650 miles. The journey was for the Mongol Derby contest, which is known as one of the toughest horse riding contests in the world. She managed to put 13 hours of riding on a daily basis till the end.

8 Sarah Outen

Rowing is her passion and she did amazing feats following it. In 2014, Outen took 150 days to row 3750 miles in the sea from Japan to Alaska. She says that her upcoming challenge is to continue rowing the whole globe then doing it on foot!

7 Lynsey Dyer

Dyer is a woman with vision. She saw that women who are making it to the top of big mountains are not rare at all, still they are underrepresented in media. And here came her adventurous and visionary idea. She thought of recording their achievements in a movie, and she did. Pretty Faces: The Story of a Skiegirl” is underway!

6 Rebecca Rusch

As a cyclist, Rebecca Rusch managed to set a new record in 2013. She cut the distance of the Kokopelli Trail, 142 miles, from Utah to Colorado in only 13 hours.

5 Afghan Cyclists

Coming from an environment known for suppressing women; four Afghan women cyclists determinedly participate in the Annual Asian Cycling Championship held in 2013. Not just that, the women managed to found a team in Afghanistan that includes 11 women and targets female cyclists.

4 Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson is an amazing hiker who managed to break records. In 2013, she got the moniker of the fastest person to hike the PCT. She managed to do it in less than 61 days.

3 Jessica Jerome

Ski jumping was not a officially recognized as one of the Olympic games, yet Jessica Jerome is the woman behind making it as such. She said that she spent her whole life playing this game so participating in the Olympics is the fruit of her effort. It is important to mention the other names participating as well, mostly women! Sarah Hendrickson, Abby Hughes, Lindsey Van, and Alissa Johnson are among the participants.

2 Susan Butcher

Unlike the rest of the women in our list, Butcher kicked the bucket. She is a “dog musher” who left veterinary medicine for the sport she loves. She was an excellent athlete who, for four times, grabbed the Iditarod competition. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in 2006.

1 Sally Ride

Our top adventurer is not among us too, sadly enough. Ride who was an astronaut and physicist got her PhD in Physics from Stanford while she was 27 and managed to win a position in NASA after competing with 1000 applicants. Dr Sally Ride became the first woman to make it to space in the Challenger mission of 1983. Gorgeous!

You also can take your adventurous leap today, if you do please tell us about it below.

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