Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis

There has always been a debate on the issue of whether marijuana is good for health or can be used for medical purposes. Many researches have focused on this issue and found out a lot of health benefits of it. One can say that there is a fine line between making it beneficial to health and using it as a drug. It totally depends on the person; extreme use of anything will always be hazardous. Following are 10 health benefits of legal Cannabis.

1 Eases chronic pain

The researchers suggest that cannabis can be useful for the treatment of pain. Chronic pain is affecting more than 25 million people in the United States alone. If you want to make healthy use of Cannabis, then you can utilize it to treat chronic pain. The reason noted down is that it contain the cannabinoids, which works as receptors that heal the pain.

Legal cannabis treats chronic pain

Medical cannabis benefits for pain

2 Helps you lose weight

If you already did not know about this, then you should know that many studies have shown that legal cannabis can help you in losing weight, which will result in a slim and shaped body. It lowers the insulin levels, which help in losing the weight. According to a study conducted and published with the help of The American Journal of Medicine, the users of Cannabis are comparatively slimmer, and the obesity rates are low among them; plus, they have lower BMI’s.

Losing weight by cannabis

cannabis Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 1

3 Helps people with Alzheimer’s 

It was published by the Molecular Pharmaceutics in their journal that there is an active chemical present in the cannabis, known as THC. It is quite useful because it helps in slowing down the process of amyloid plaques. It is done by blocking the enzymes in human brains that are responsible for making them. The article written by Maria L. de Ceballos states that it helps patients with Alzheimer’s.  She claims in her article that the cannabinoids help in preventing neurodegeneration in patients with this disease.

Alzheimer’s treatment by medical cannabis

4 Treats bowel diseases

Researchers of the University of Nottingham found that certain chemicals such as the cannabinoids and THC are responsible for combining with the cells in a human body and then plays a vital role in responses of the immune system and the functions of the gut. Some components in the body are responsible for increasing the permeability of the human intestines, which result in giving way to bacteria that it can enter the body easily where marijuana acts against it, preventing such bacteria from entering the body.

bowel diseases treatment by legal medical cannabis

cannabis oil Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 2

5 Helps patients with epilepsy

In case you have ever faced a stroke in your life, then you might know how bad it is. It is important to provide your brain with protection after the damage has been done to it. You might not believe it, but legal cannabis can help you out in this matter because it decreases the size of the area that has affected the brain negatively. Few of the researchers are of the point of view that it is such a drug that it can help human beings in trauma such as concussions. The anti-convulsant benefit of Cannabis helps patients with epilepsy by decreasing the effect of the disease. It can control their fits too.

medical benefits of cannabis for epilepsy

medical marijuana cannabis 1 Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 3

6 Can be helpful for Multiple Sclerosis

The people who suffer from this disorder know that it is painful to handle the disease. Your immune system does not compliment your body, and it is suggested by some researchers that if the patients with Multiple sclerosis can improve the symptom such as spasticity. The positive effects can be noticed if only a limited amount of it is used. Medical cannabis can be useful for such patients, but it is always suggested to consult the doctor.

cannabis medicine for Sclerosis

7 Ease the after-effects of chemotherapy

Some researches show that using legal cannabis can help patients, as the oral cannabinoids are quite effective when a person is feeling sick, or any other aftermath of the chemotherapy. There are severe after-effects of chemotherapy, but it is said that if cannabis is smoked, it might help with these symptoms only.

chemotherapy Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 4

cannabis 1 Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 5

8 Can be an effective remedy for depression

If you are going through a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and post-traumatic disorders, then legal cannabis can be a remedy that you should go for. But, you should keep in mind that medical cannabis is not effective or used as a medicine in severe disorders such as being bipolar, psychosis.

cannabis Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 6

CBD treatment for depression

9 Can treat Glaucoma

Legal cannabis can be used to treat glaucoma; it is the feeling of pressure increasing on the eyeball, which ends up in rupturing the optic nerve. It can result in loss of the eyesight. The National Eye Institute claims that medical cannabis can help in dealing with the pressure on eyes by decreasing the pressure on the eyeball.

Glaucoma treatment by CBD

10 Helps Relieve Arthritis

It was found in 2011 that medical cannabis can help in reducing inflammation and pain, which is also responsible for promoting enough sleep because when a person is relieved from the pain and discomfort, he or she might sleep better. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, then you will obviously want something to decrease the intense pain. In this condition, the medication that is given to patients consists of Sativex, which is made up of cannabinoids.

legal medical cannabis benefits for Arthritis

medical cannabis Top 10 Medical Benefits of Legal Cannabis - 7

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