Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

The automobile industry is one field that seems to be constantly evolving. This is evident in how companies are introducing ideas that will ensure people get the ultimate driving experience. It is the reason why most brands have gone into extinct as they can’t seem to cope with the high level of competition in terms of innovation in this industry.

The major aim of this post is to outline the latest technologies in the automobile industry. These are ideas and innovations which you never thought were possible to bring into reality a few years back. Just ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. There is no doubt that you will be amazed and impressed by the high level of creativity which these companies have been able to show.

1 Magic Body Control

Magic Body Control is one of the latest technologies of Mercedes-Benz which has been a leader in the automobile and vehicle spare parts industry as found on With an idea such as this, it is obvious that this company isn’t prepared to give up its position in any way. This brand is known for its Active Body Control which it plans taking to a new level entirely through this innovation. A sensitive camera technology is what Magic Body Control entails. The road surface will be read and detected up to around 200 feet thereby making end-users have the perfect driving experience.

mercedes-benz-magic-body-control-675x412 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

mercedes-benz-magic-body-control-2-675x380 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

2 Electric Cars

The popularity of non-renewable energy seems to be waning by the day. Also, experts have predicted that its reservoir will only decline with the passage of time. Given negative trends and developments such as these, there is a need for automobile companies to look beyond producing cars that make use of these sources of energy. This has given birth to the advent of electric cars.

As a proof that these cars are getting increasingly popular, their sales have been able to go above 10 million units which is a remarkable achievement. Brands such as VW, Daimler AG, and General Motors have started considering how to take advantage of this innovation by producing more electric cars.

vw-electric-car-675x380 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

Electric-Cars-Daimler-AG-675x402 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

3 Improved Pricing

The advent of Blockchain technology is beginning to have some major effects on most industries all around the world. Automobile industry seems to be one of these as it has always struggled with issues related to counterfeit parts over the years. However, with the emergence of blockchain capabilities, this method has been solved in the best way possible. Not only have the overall strategies for pricing improved, but there has been transparency within the industry as well.

Automobile-industry-675x367 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

Automobile-industry-Hyundai_car_assembly_line-675x508 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

4 Driverless Technology

Companies in the automobile industry seem to be hitting new heights regarding the innovations daily. This is evident in the introduction of autonomous vehicles. The benefits that these vehicles do offer to users and owners are mouthwatering. For instance, there will be an effective management of traffic, better passenger comfort and a reduction in the rate of accidents. It is a technology that has been introduced to provide a higher level of safety for road users while driving from one place to another.    

car-Driverless-Technology-675x451 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

car-Driverless-Technology-2-675x450 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

5 Big Data Innovation

Automobile industry doesn’t want to be left out of the benefits that big data technology does offer. Major brands such as Toyota and Ford are making plans for designing cars with interconnected features in lots of ways. They want to get infotainment systems launched. This will provide a means through which the mobile phones that are making use of operating systems such as iOS and Android will be interconnected. The major idea behind big data innovation is to enable users from various platforms to communicate effectively. It is beginning to become a reality in the mobile industry.

Automobiles-Big-Data-Innovation-675x507 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

Automobiles-Big-Data-Innovation-2-675x477 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

6 Predictive Maintenance

A few years back, the repair and maintenance of cars were based on guesswork. Car owners don’t know when their tires need to be repaired or replaced. This made some of them spend money unnecessarily. However, through the introduction of advanced self-diagnostic features, this problem is solved in the best way possible. Any time there is a problem with your vehicle, you get alerted. This will ensure that you carry out proactive measures to help your car be in the best condition. With a system such as this, your car will be able to serve you efficiently.

automobile-car-driving-675x450 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

Automobiles-Predictive-Maintenance-Augmenteed_Reality_Diagnostics_Original-675x449 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

7 Smart Cars

If you are thinking that you have seen the best of what the automobile industry can offer after using an electric vehicle, then you could be shocked by its introduction of smart cars. These cars are 100% data-driven and no doubt that they will offer users a better driving experience. Jaguar Land Rover seems to be one of the companies leading this technology at the moment which is based on usage of data. Although these cars make use of hardware, they are majorly dependent on software for optimal performances.

Jaguar-Land-Rover-Smart-Car-675x450 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

automobile-675x380 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

8 Protection of Data

This continues from the above technology about smart cars coming into existence. Given the fact that the use of data to store details is now beginning to become pronounced in the mobile industry, companies are introducing various technologies to ensure that users’ data are protected. A proof of this was when General Motors experienced a cyber-attack and hackers took over a few vehicle functions. This has made companies be innovative about ensuring that such a challenge is handled in the best way possible.

smart-automobile-675x487 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

wordpress-security-675x540 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

9 Distronic Technology

Mercedes Benz isn’t resting on its laurels in any way as it tends to be bringing in some of the best innovations which the automobile industry has ever seen. The Distronic technology introduced ensures that car users and their passengers are comfortable while being held in traffic jams. Radar is what the functionality of this system is based on and it makes use of stereo camera technology (advanced).  As soon as it gets activated or initialized, your Benz is going to be following the vehicle in your front. Your car will even have the ability to manipulate around bends all by itself.

Automobile-Mercedes-Benz-Distronic-Technology-675x380 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

automotive-cars-675x493 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

10 Teen Driver Technology

It is always a nightmare handing over the keys of your car to a teenager. With sophisticated features integrated into some cars, you will not have to bother again. For instance, the Teen Driver feature of Chevrolet enables you to get alerted whenever a teenager has gone beyond a particular speed limit. Also, whenever seatbelts aren’t made use of, the stereo will be disabled. There are lots of mouthwatering features which this technology does offer to ensure that teenagers are 100% safe while driving.

Chevrolet-Teen-Driver-feature-675x450 Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

automobile-Chevrolet-Teen-Driver-feature Top 10 Latest Technologies in Automotive Industry

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