Top 10 Most Interesting Mind Tricks to Trick Your Mind

We can spend our free time in different ways and the most common way for doing this is playing games. The games that we play are available in different types and levels to allow us to choose the most interesting games that help us to enjoy our time alone or with our friends. The most interesting type of games is the one that tricks our minds and makes us challenge ourselves or others. This type of games is called mind tricks. Mind tricks are not presented to a specific group of people or age as they are available at different levels which allow you to choose what suits your age and the ability of your mind. In fact, nothing is better than challenging minds as they are believed to be the most complicated part of our bodies. To allow you to challenge your mind and trick others’ minds, take a look at the following mind tricks that are also called teasers because they are difficult and require thinking.


♦ Stroop test

Stroop test

Say the color of the words as quickly as possible and do not read the words themselves. Do you think that it is easy? It is not easy at all, is it right? The game is chiefly based on paying strong attention and concentration to overcome left-right conflict.

♦ Do you think that you can count?

how many Fs.

How many Fs can you find in this sentence “Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.”

Are they 2 or 3?

The two answers are wrong

The right answer is “6”.

Are you shocked? Try to count them again to make sure that they are really 6 Fs.

how many Fs

♦ The electricians

The electricians

Two electricians are rewiring. One of them is the other one’s son, but the other one is not his father. Do you know why?

Try to guess

Why not?




The answer is

Because the other one is his “mother” not father”

♦ The Muller-Lyer Illusion


Can you quickly say which line is taller & which circle is bigger?

The answer is

“Nothing of them is taller or larger because they are the same whether it is for the lines or circles”

♦ Which square is darker?


Which square is darker than the other one “A or B”? Try to concentrate because the answer is not easy as you may think.

The answer is really shocking

Both of the squares A and B are the same color “the same shade of gray”. Do you believe this?

It is unbelievable, isn’t it?

Can you see this???

Copy of Grey_square_optical_illusion

♦ Spot the difference(s)

spot the difference (3)
spot the difference (2)
spot the difference
spot the difference (1)

Spot 10 differences between images
Spot 10 differences between images
Spot 10 differences between images
Spot 10 differences between images

It is one of the most interesting games that you can ever play. All what you need is patience and you have to concentrate to find all the differences between the images. To make this game more challenging and exciting, you can use a timer or measure the time that you take for finding all the differences. There are several images that allow you to enjoy playing this game and challenging your mind. This game is perfect for both young children and adults. You can play this interesting game with your friends or even alone.

♦ Baby illusion

Can you see a baby????
Can you see a baby????

Other mind tricks that you will surely like


Mirror illusion "Can you see the girl?
Mirror illusion “Can you see the girl?


“Enjoy your time”

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