Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

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Beauty is one thing that everyone embraces and adores the most. You will be surprised to find out that not many ladies know how to do their makeup properly. If you are one of them do not feel outdated because you aren’t alone in this. Have you been wearing the same makeup for years? If yes, it is the high time to get creative and explore the world of beauty to decide on the makeup that suits you.

Wearing the same makeup can be so boring. It will never hurt to try something new in life. A lot of celebrities are such an inspiration when it comes to wearing makeup. They do it all and in different ways depending on the occasion. Having that perfect makeup means maintaining your lips, cheek, and eyes in the most appropriate way. You don’t have to be a pro in makeup or an expert in this sector; all you need is to know what your face wants to look glamorous. Following are ten makeup ideas inspired by celebrities and expected to boom.

1 Jennifer Lopez’s popping yellow lewk

Yellow is a shouting color, and you may think it is such a weird lipstick color, but if you love to play with colors, this could be a perfect look for you. Jennifer Lopez is a well-known celebrity who rocks yellow and hits the stage with a bang. Like this amazing celebrity, you can place bold pops of color yellow on the lips and nails too. To achieve that amazing look, use NYX macaron lippies in citron. Do not keep your cheeks and eyes complicated let them be simple.

Jennifer-Lopez-yellow-lipstick-675x506 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

Jennifer-Lopez-yellow-lipstick-2-675x427 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

2 Beyonce’s shimmering lids and long lashes

No one hates long lashes; they give an attractive look and beauty that one notices from a distance. The celebrity does it perfectly by putting glitzy beauty that steals her show all the time she is on the stage.  You can try the other way round, adding metallic shadow and falsies instead of overdoing your lips and nails with glitters.

Beyonce-shimmering-lids-and-long-lashes-675x969 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

beyonce-braid-shimmering-lids-and-long-lashes-675x675 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

3 Lorde’s navy cat eye

This makeup has been worn by many celebrities who are looking forward to stealing the attention of their audiences. Lorde rocked it with a navy eyeshadow and a liner that matched the sparkly dress that she had worn. It is a great makeup to put on for prom. Make your partner feel privileged walking side by side with you. Wrong makeup can be a total disaster for the day or night.

Lorde-navy-cat-eye Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

4 Selena Gomez’s classic red lip

She is perfect in this; the bold red lip goes great with her skin and face. Do not worry about your skin tone because this works perfectly well with anyone. Make sure to line your lips with a red lip liner before filling them with the lipstick. Soak it with a tissue after the makeup is done for it to stay great the whole night. Do not forget that your eyes need some touch up to complement your amazing lips. It can be done by having a think cat eye that will come out exactly like Selena Gomez’s makeup.

Selena-Gomez-2015-Met-Gala--675x1014 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

5 Rosy Lips

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has done it all to the point of getting everyone’s attention. Many people are busy talking about her insane body for them to notice her amazing makeup. Recently her pink lips have been the talk of the town. For you to do this makeup correctly, exfoliate your lips with a scrubber with a sugar lip polish to remove all dry flakes. After that, apply a clear rosy lipstick. Soak or blot the lipstick applied with a tissue before topping it with a balm.

Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-rosy-lips Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-rosy-lips-2 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

6 Glistening shadow

Scarlett Johansson’s eyeshadow never goes unnoticed. You are here wondering how to do it perfectly without spoiling your look. Start by lining your eyes with a black shadow, only at the outer corners of the eye. Use a sheer glitter by swiping it on top, do it over the lid to the brow bones. You do not want a flat makeup, so later line up the lower rims (inner) with a nude pencil. Do not plump up your lashes with a heavy mascara.

Scarlette-Gohanson-makeup-Glistening-shadow Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

7 Ellie Goulding’s Gold Eyes

Ellie chic lob is a blonde lady who rocks it so great when it comes to applying makeup. It is clear that blonde hair goes along well with Gold eyes look. To achieve this, line up your eyes with a black eyeliner, then apply the dark gold shadow on your lids. Make sure you are doing it the right way. After that now take a lighter bronze shade and apply it upwards towards your brow bone. Finish it using Ellie’s style by using the highlighters.

Ellie-Goulding-Gold-Eyes-675x1017 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

8 Rihanna’s fierce red cat eyes

This is a well-known celebrity who appears with different makeups time after time, but this is her most favorite makeup style that she mostly wears. Colorful cat eyes that make your face appear more different and glamorous. It is quite easy to catch Rihanna’s look on your face, make a surprise to the party and make everyone fall in love with the new makeup style. Make sure to do it correctly because if a slight mistake is done, my friend, you will look like a scarecrow.

Rihanna-red-cat-eyes Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

Rihanna-red-cat-eyes-makeup Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

9 Sofia Vergara’s eyebrows

She is a Colombian actress who has been trending for her perfect eyebrows. They compliment her voluminous locks. You can try this crazy idea and make your eyebrows look glamorous. Live happily with a great makeup style of your choice.

sofia-vergara-bold-eyebrows-makeup-675x850 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

Sofia-Vergara-eyebrows-675x934 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

10 Cara Delevingne’s brows

This is one of the youngest supermodels who has got it all. Her look is breathtaking with perfectly made dark brows that match her blonde hair. Her oval face displays her beauty from a distance. Make sure always to change your look and surprise your friends or partner by doing it the right way. If you have no idea how to do it, ask for an expert’s assistance or learn it online.

Cara-Delevingne-brows-2-675x675 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

Cara-Delevingne-brows-makeup-675x1014 Top 10 Inspired Celebrity Makeup Ideas for 2022

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