Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

If you deem your house as your own sanctuary, the haven that keeps you safe and the place where you relax and take off your mask and feel comfortable, then you have to take great care of its design and all the properties that enable your pleasure and comfort. Flooring interiors are basic amenities at a house, they either keep you snug as a bug in a rug or just render you worn out with a burden that never drops off your shoulders.

There was a time when interior designers were ashamed of how plain and insipid the flooring designs are. However, the situation was totally transformed as designers and manufacturers tossed around new possibilities and ideas in a bid to generate pleasant, durable and eco-friendly floor designs.

Pouted Magazine lists ten of the most innovative flooring interior with which you can bless your sanctuary.

10  Natural Stone Flooring 
You may get confused when you first see the natural stone flooring as it is more likely to be as the floors of the streets. However, natural stone flooring is a quite cutting-edge design. Apparently, it adds the golden touch to your house; it feels like you do not abandon mother nature since you adopted the natural stone flooring to the interior design of your house. Substances like marble, slate, sandstone and granite are mainly used in manufacturing the floor. It is essential when you purchase the floor to examine the absorption rate. Low absorption rate lowers the risks of damage.
natural-stone-675x449 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

natural-stone-tiles-natural-stones-675x505 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

9  Bamboo  
Bamboo flooring is a wood-like floor that has started to catch on. What draws interior designers toward bamboo flooring is the fact that bamboo flooring is able to stand the test of time. Moreover, interior designers never complained about bamboo flooring; maintaining and installing bamboo flooring is an easy task. Like natural stone flooring, bamboo mainly belongs to mother nature and is eco-friendly so guilt is, of course, skipping us. Bamboo, in general, takes from three to five years to grow so we can use it in interior flooring and furnishing.
bamboo-675x522 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

minimalist-dining-room-with-bamboo-flooring-675x675 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

8  P.E.T Berber Carpet 
Polyester (P.E.T) Berber is another durable flooring to add to the list. Like the previous abovementioned ideas, P.E.T Berber Carpet is eco-friendly as it is mainly based on plastic bottles that have been recycled. There are several benefits to this recycled material. Again, it guarantees low absorption rate as it saves your floor from accidental liquid spills as the splashes will drain out of the carpet. Beware of the prospects of getting your carpet damaged as it is not immune to snagging. Furthermore, we do not recommend you to walk barefoot on the carpet given the tough nature of the recycled bottles.
Berber-carpet-New-675x450 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

p.e.t-carpet Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

7  Reclaimed Hardwood 
If you love hardwood flooring and want to bless your house with such flooring, it is one of the best options for you. However, sometimes designers tend not to use wood flooring due to deforestation issue; it has a reputation for being far from eco-friendly. Reclaimed hardwood is indefectible as we use old wood that was used cut a long time ago.
reclaimed-hardwood-675x416 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

reclaimed-wood-floors Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

6  Linoleum Flooring 
There is a prevailed misconception when it comes to linoleum flooring as people link between linoleum flooring and vinyl despite the huge gap and difference between the two. Apparently, vinyl is made of artificial substances as chlorinated petrochemicals, which are pernicious. On the contrary, linoleum consists of cork dust, wood flour, linseed oil, tree resins, pigments and ground limestone. Cork is one of the main components; consequently, linoleum flooring is immune to fire and water.
linoleum-living-room-advantages-living-room-furniture-layout-675x450 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

linoleum_kitchen Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

5  Checkered Flooring 
Chequered flooring has a reputation for being crowd-pleasing and retro-looking. It is capable of offering your room a vintage touch. Interestingly, black and white chequered flooring is one of the most famous styles. Despite the fact that chequered flooring is a bit traditional and as not modern as any other style, it is pretty sought-after and durable. Implementing the style is not a hard task; placing tiles, vinyl sheets or engineered tiles take a huge a part of the simple process. You can pour your imagination and creativity into your design if you use three tiles of different colours. Try it; it is worth it!
kitchen-checkered-floor Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

checkered-flooring-675x468 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

4  Wool Carpet 
We cannot find a term to describe the way carpets “invaded” the flooring market, but yes, that ‘s the term “invaded”. Designers saw it coming due to multiple concerns as carpets are quite soft, comfortable and durable. However, traditional carpets have been proven noxious and toxic. Thus, we resorted to other eco-friendly options as wool carpets. Apparently, wool was spun into threads that can be dyed in different bright colours. Wool is sewn to form a carpet.
Alternative-Flooring-Wool-Herringbone_crop-700x526-675x507 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

wool-carpet-cleaning-classic-living-room-furniture-675x929 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

3  Leather 
Yes, we can see your jaw drop after spotting the word ‘leather’. It is extracted from cowhide and is not as thin and feeble as the leather used in manufacturing belts and purses. Leather flooring has a reputation for rendering your bedroom and living room floor warm and soft. However, it is not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. It is smart and sustainable. As much as it gets worn, it never loses its glaze, we can rather say time gives it a different style.
leather-tile-designer-675x300 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

Torlys-Leather-Floors-1-675x353 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

2  Concrete 
Concrete flooring is growing rampant and crowd-pleasing. Some designers may find it bizarre to use concrete flooring as it is a slab on grade. However, designers came to realize that polished concrete could be a sole flooring on its own with no other flooring to install. A myriad of designers opted for concrete as it offers them diverse options when it comes to the design as we can install veneers as tiles, glass and many other options. Interestingly, designers drill multiple reasons to elevate the worth of concrete as it is easy to clean and eco-friendly.
concrete-floor-675x352 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

concrete-flooring-chic-675x352 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

1  Cork 
You may not have stumbled upon the term ‘cork’ while looking for flooring designs as it is quite new to the industry. Originally, cork is mainly found in the forests of the Mediterranean as it is mowed from the bark of cork oak tree. The trees are not chopped down as the bark grows back every three years, which renders it eco-friendly. It excels in anti-microbial features as it curtails allergens at your house. The list of the vital properties goes on as cork is fire retardant, easy to clean as well as insect repellent. The patterns that suit cork are countless as they come in different colours. Believe it or not but having cork flooring is a great opportunity to pinch pennies as cork flooring lasts between 10-30 years.
cork-flooring-also-high-quality-cork-flooring-also-eco-friendly-flooring-675x478 Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

Cork-flooring Top 10 Innovative Flooring For Your New House

It is a complete equation that cannot be disrupted or argued over. Some elements are irreplaceable when you ponder over the quality, material and designs of your floor. As much as you opt for a high-quality floor, you have to pinch pennies as you will not splurge cash on maintenance. Moreover, we would not accept to partake in violating mother nature and chopping down trees to deprive forests of plants only to satisfy our greed and get wood. We have the opportunity to use environment-friendly materials.

Because your opinion matters, tell us which design you found appealing in the comment section down below.

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