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Top 10 Ideas for the Valentine

On February 14th, the world celebrates one of the most ancient feasts, Valentine’s day. The name comes from Saint Valentine to whom, and others, different acts of goodness were attributed on that day. Since the age of Geoffrey Chaucer, the tradition of celebrating this day included flowers introduced to the lover and sometimes keys. Keys were important to express that the giver would love to open the heart of the receiver. The practices of Valentine Day are still in vogue in different countries worldwide, yet they are not considered a holiday or taken a day off as it used to be.

Looking for a present in such a day, away from the key, could be a frustrating experience especially under a tight schedule or budget. So we have thought about it for you and are suggesting the following ideas that will be appreciated by your partner.

10 Dancing

Many couples tend to choose a physical present, now we are suggesting something different. Take your partner to one of the clubs you have not gone to before and try a new dance. Salsa is preferable as it is one of the most romantic. So get ready now to teach it to your partner, they will be surprised.

9 A Trip

Take your partner on a trip to some of the places you have visited together at the beginning of your relationship. They will get surprised and you will enjoy some time out away from work together.

8 Concert

If you know the favorite singer of your partner, and probably you do, then a couple of tickets that will cost you no more than $100 or less will be a great surprise. Opera is also a good choice if your partner is a real fan.

7 Good Shows

A comedy show will make a good and nice present for your partner. Everyone loves laughing especially when they are celebrating. If there are a comedy club in the neighborhood, then you got the best solution.

6 Cook

If you are going to cook something special for your partner then you will reap their heart on that day. If you are cooking for a woman, she will absolutely be got excited. If it is for a man, you need to be picky and choose something that expresses the special day.

5 Disney!

Does it seem that weird? I tell you she or he will have a big surprise if not a shock. Riding different car games or roller coaster you have not for so long, will increase the level of excitement and probably you will laugh about it later.

4 Glamorous Camping

Camping is not suggested in Valentine’s mainly because of the unsuitable environment for the romantic day. Yet, you cannot miss the great feeling camping grants altogether like that. An innovative idea suggests that you get a tent inside the bedroom or in the backyard of the house. Lit the fireplace and enjoy the cozy environment.

3 Indoor

Now if you think that taking your love out for a dinner is pretty different, so you would better revise your definition of innovation. Restaurants are the busiest corners in this day with couples everywhere that almost seem funny. So an indoor celebration made as a surprise will be more effective with your favorite drink.

2 Travel

If you can afford it, get a ticket for two and go to someplace in the world where your partner would have probably dreamed of visiting.

1 A Present

The idea that will never get old, is getting a present of something your partner has been pining for sol long.

You can figure out more of the simple and appealing idea to share with us, below. Get ready!

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